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Excitement is kicking in. - Carers UK Forum

Excitement is kicking in.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
After a worrying couple of weeks with Bill and a chest infection, I think he's on the mend, unless a urine infection takes over!!!.
Bills all excited cos he's going over to Lancashire to stay a few days at my daughters next Thursday. He stays at one who has a very big house and can sleep him down stairs cos his walking now seems to be getting worse, and the other will take him out for car rides, which he misses so much with being a long distance driver before he was ill. They will spoil him rotten!!!
Every day now all I'm hearing is "when am I going ? where are they? they are late picking me up!!
I'm going to a disco dance competition with my two youngest daughters (twins) who started the dance club with me 19 years ago.not proffessional, just keeping kids off the streets. I miss going to the 1 day comps and my involvement.(Used to make all the Team costumes) so this is my yearly treat!!
Unfortunatly Bill heard me and twins on about going to Skegness and asked if he could come. I couldnt bring myself to say no even though I know he would hate it, all the loud music an being stuck in one room from 9 till 6 for 2 days. So,, I have had to tell him a little fib an say Im not going and staying at home. I feel so bad. its like lying to a child , but at least he is now looking forward to going to Lancashire..
Margaret that sounds lovely for both of you Image Don't feel bad about the fib - it's totally justified Image
Margaret have a lovely time.
Fibs, they slip out of my mouth with perfect ease and practice now. FIL with dementia, you have to do it, too hurtful for them not to fib at times.

hope you both have a lovely time.

The fib was for the right reasons, so think no more about it.