Dementia rant

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi everyone thanks for all your replies. A bit of background- hospital have already thrown dad out as unable to repair him and the notes said something along the lines of keep him out of hospital! They don't really want him back again.
I don't want him in care home because I live in family home and don't want to be homeless after all my efforts.
I have in deed been shouting and screaming behind the scenes yesterday and I have to say our Social Services are brilliant. :D
I had OT round first thing, standing aid hoist delivered as I requested with Wendy slide sheets by the afternoon. Carer got on to her manager and organised a half hour evening visit each day and I have spent the day moving furniture around so Dad is now all up one end of the room with his hospital bed relocated for easy access all round, his riser recliner chair, commode and hoist and overbed table all together.
Change in medication that GP gave Dad last week have definitely improved sleep so far. He still calls me but once or twice a night is manageable.
Helen - yes Dr checked for stroke and ruled it out- but Vasc Dementia is just really - mini strokes attacking from time to time- not a medical definition but my own summary.
Deep respect to you for staying sane as your poor Dad gets ever pottier. You sound like you have found/sought practical solutions to cope with his decreasing mobility.
Will he be eligible for hospice care should his needs increase even further?