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Dementia patients all have one last clear thought. - Carers UK Forum

Dementia patients all have one last clear thought.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
It's so terrifying to me that you don't just fade when you have dementia. There are moments of clarity, then boom: it's gone.

"Buzzbuzzbuzz The snow falling on the rooftop... It's so... Divine. To live in this moment is buzzbuzzbuzz"

He never thought straight again. It's such a hard thing to talk about, too. How do you know what the absence of thought is like? Will it be scary? I guess it just comes to show that you should enjoy your time while you have it. You never know what the next stage of life is going to be like.
Paul do you care for someone with dementia?

I suppose, another way of looking at it is, at least the person with dementia, doesn't know that it is their last clear thought.

Once the clear thinking has gone, they are living in the moment, so joining them in the moment and ensuring they feel safe and secure is the priority.

Hello Paul. My Mum had dementia and died just 3 weeks ago. She could remember all about her childhood, schoolfriends and teachers names, neighbours etc all in great detail. She couldn’t remember what she had for breakfast though or name any of the staff who she had known for 3 years. This is very common with dementia.

Right up until her final few days when she was unable to speak, she knew my name and also my brother’s name.

My Mum used to repeat ‘I don’t know who I am” over and over again and got very distressed and even though I told her and wrote it down for her, in a couple of seconds she had forgotten.

I hope my Mum’s last clear thought was a good one. She did tell me she wanted to go home and when I questioned her it was her childhood home she wanted to return to. I told her she would be going home to her family.
Hello Paul
My husband died 19months ago. He had vascular dementia which was on his death certificate, plus a rare bowel problem. He confabulated lots. Usually quite nice ones, like he had been to Barcelona one day and Scotland the next. Sometimes his confabulatations weren't so nice. Then I would reassure him the best I could. He was very quiet, leading up to his death, but his eyes twinkled when he saw me, or that how I saw it? He didn't seem able to speak. I was talking to him, and the last thing I said, was that I would always be grateful he taught me how to cope. I'm sure he wanted reassurance that I would, because he took his last breath then.
We can't really be sure what anyone is thinking, have an idea most likely, but not for certain, whether they are end of life, have dementia or any other illness, or in everyday life, healthy and just getting on with things.
Hi Pet66, the quote at the end of your post is brilliant. Some memories are rolling down my cheeks right now.
Sorry to hear that.
Do you feel like sharing, or is it too painful, personal?
Feel for you regardless.
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