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DEMENTIA or Opiate side effects?! - Carers UK Forum

DEMENTIA or Opiate side effects?!

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi all, I am full time carer to my DH, he takes Oxy Contin, Oxy Codone (about 200mg a day ish) and tramadol mainly, along with Diazepam somtimes. I am getting concerned about his forgetfulness and ability to follow a conversation. He also forgets whole conversations and what I have just said. He just looks at me in such a panic that he knows I am waiting for a reply but he isnt sure what I asked him, or what we were talking about...! He cant concentrate or follow TV or a movie, and really shouldnt drive at all!

He is 46. Would this be dementia issue or the effect of all his meds and if it may be a dementia thing what do I do!!!
Hello again! I'm not really in a position to say about dementia - although I think most people have these symptoms to a varying degree. Especially if they are on a lot of medication, as your OH obviously is. Maybe you could have a word with his doctor?
I'm sure that someone will be along soon who can advise you further. Image
I would certainly get him along to his GP as soon as possible as it does sound like it could be the medication, but your GP would know if it is the first signs of Dementia aswell and can do a memory test if he thinks its would be applicable.

Good luck
Hi Superwifey

As the others have said - get down the GP's asap !

At one time or another my Mother has been on all of the drugs that your other half is taking(but only one at a time) - all caused her problems with confusion / hallucinations and so were stopped.

I believe that if you check the side effects of the drugs you named you will see that confusion / hallucinations / sleep disturbances are all listed. So if for no other reason than to review his medication you really should get down to your Doctor's.