Hi guys

It's been about a year I think since I last posted on here... We're having MAJOR problems (as per usual) with mum - she's had a cough for ages (she's ALWAYS getting them), but she ALWAYS just coughs, never covers her mouth, and our baby is now 7 months old and I'm pregnant again, and have caught mum's cold Image
Whenever we remind her to put her hand over her mouth, she gets in a strop + goes off to her room.
With her pants, when she goes to the loo, if they're overly wet or she's poo'd herself, she'll just take them off, but won't tell anyone so we can get her some more (she doesn't remember where they're kept). But then when we get her some more and ask her to go put them on, she again gets in a strop, insisting that it's fine to not wear any (thing is though, is she's pretty incontinent, and has had accidents even with her pants on)... Has anyone got any practical ideas on how we can tackle these situations without them ending in an argument? - She's begun throwing her stick as part of her strops, which is obviously a danger to my son and me.

Thanks x