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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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I was researching Jabadao as it was mentioned on my special needs forum - and it is also recommended for those with dementia. Jabadao is a form of playful movement and SPAGOG (seriously Playful Armchair Games for the Old & Gorgeous) has been designed for the elderly. Might be worth a peek, looks fun for anyone who is young at heart.




Loved vids; you've given me ideas.
That's good, enjoy.

Thank you.
I blew up balloons today, casual like! Mum loved bouncing them around and popping them. She'd scream, and then want another one to pop.
Thank you for posting this vid, XXXX
Hi, sounds like fun, how fab.

I think mum's bored. That's why she incessantly rearranges airing cupboard, etc. I think dad and me are being too protective.
Now I let her do the dishes (rubbishly, but I can always do them later) load washing machine (she always gets the settings wrong, but so what) and I'm slowly, but surely, turning her old sewing room into a potting shed.
My plan, aided and abetted by ace suggestions from this forum, is to bring the garden inside to mum. She has awful arthritis as well as Spirit Wanderings; my name for Dementia as I HATE that word.
It doesn't always work to plan. The other day, despite days of contentedly watering plants, etc, she complained I was taking over her sewing room with my damn plants! She made a point of moving off all the cyinths on her Singer sewing machine, and sewed away on nothing in particular.
I was amazed; she hasn't sewn for years. I asked her to show me how to do it. We spent a lovely half hour (she got tired) and I now know how to 'thread up' her Singer (insanely complicated.)
To think that dad wanted to get rid of her Singer, as it was taking up too much space. Noways! I'm now guarding it like a dragon guards treasure. I want to learn how to use it, and mum is teaching me, haphazardly, but we're getting there.
I now know what a bobbin is, and how to adjust the 'tension' on the thread.
Hi Sajehar,

S gets bored too, he can be difficult to motivate and left to his own devices, would do little and/or stick to the same few activities - and then becomes bored. I agree with you, joint activity and maintaining independence as far as possible is the key, keeping a semblance of life as it was before. S likes washing up, he always washes up the breakfast things college holidays and weekends. Breakfast things are best as they are less greasy. He makes a fair bit of mess and the cutlery often needs redoing - but as you say, so what. Routine helps too, makes life predictable and less stressful especially to those struggling to make sense of their day. I don't know much about dementia, but it seems that strategies that help those with a learning disability and/or autism, may help dementia sufferers too. Sounds like you are doing a great job. What sort of things did your Mum enjoy doing when she was younger? These may give you good ideas of other activities to try.

I love this post; it's helped me so much.
Thank you, Melly 1 XXXX

My mum screws up loads too; so what? She spent nearly 60 years of her life getting it right; I think a bit of egg left on plates is allowed! I can always do them later.
I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland dropping down that rabbit hole; is that normal?
She loves gardening, and flowers and stuff.
I have 'red' fingers, but I 'grew' paper white daffs and hyaciths for mum. She discovered them, now I let her water them. She's taken to that like a duck to water; she slavishly waters her 'daffs' and 'cyinths'.
Tonight, I spent hours spray painting pots and support sticks - gold for the cyinths, silver for the PWD's - she was entranced.

Best use I've ever put old, manky spay paint too.....
Thank you.
I blew up balloons today, casual like! Mum loved bouncing them around and popping them. She'd scream, and then want another one to pop.
Sounds brilliant! Although I must confess, I've always had a fear of bursting balloons... have NEVER been brave enough to burst one! Ridiculous, I know... must make that my New Year resolution; burst at least 1 balloon! Image

Also, loved your idea about bringing the garden indoors and the way that led to your Mum giving you sewing lessons - what an unexpected plus.
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