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could i, dare i.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
yes i agree bowlingbun, and something i am becoming concerned about. a formal mental capacity assessment, has to involve everybody concerned. gps, hosp. drs. family as well as s.s. Perhaps thats what s.w. is intending to do at the hosp. speak to drs. there. we will see.
Sounds like some major decisions looming ahead plus busy times again. Use as much time now to rest and recharge your batteries. I hope this does not come across the wrong way but maybe this all coming to a head means long term you will have wider support from the 'professionals' too.
If, and this is a big if as we have no idea as yet what hospital will decide, if they try send your mam home by relying on even more input from yourself, take a stand and say no. Will be hard to do but you cannot go on like this Pam. They will need ensure her safety so could be looking at some respite care being provided whilst assessments take place.

Ring me if you need a shoulder

x x
will do rosemary. thank you. xx
Hi Pam,

Looks like you are fast reaching a turning point. In time, it may be a good thing that your mum fell and that Social Services are being forced to do something.

Will be following this with interest, not least because I could be in the same boat soon!

Take care, Anne x
yes anne, we do seem to being following along the same route with our poor mums.

social worker was supposed to be visiting my mum in hospital today, but last i heard she had not been.

mum still very confused, but eating or so she says.

pam xx
just had confirmation from social worker that mum cannot/should not continue to live on her own as she would be at a significant risk.
Social worker has assessed her in hospital and does not think she has an understanding of her situation or even the fact that she is in hospital.

Of course i am having all sorts of guilt feelings, and am overwhelmed by the situation. too much rests on my shoulders really, although my sister in nz is supporting me, she is not here and hers are words only.

I have been advised to start looking at residential homes, how do i start. mum does not have her own property to sell and is well under the £23,000 or so savings when she would have to start contributing.

Do i just start phoning homes, and going to visit them. how do i know if mums funding would cover the cost of a place in one of these homes.
Just sending you a hug Pam, the others have gone before and said it all.

with love
Blue xx
Hi Pam, our local Social Services department has a list of all homes in the County AND it can give details of the ones with vacancies. Google the name of your LA and then something like "care home vacancies". Of course, your SW should be able to tell you how you can find them!
Have a read of this Pam
https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scri ... mentID=150

some links on there to PDF files too.

Also - http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... ileID=1597

If you visit any, ask to speak to family members of people staying in the homes.

x x
thank you rosemary that was very useful. I have printed off the information from the Alzheimers Association together with their tick list of things to ask and check when visiting a home.

pam x