Hi Debby

I am new to the forum and unfortunately I don't get much time to go online these days.
I noticed your post & have been through a similar situation. CHC I doubt very much your mother will qualify for this funding. I have completed 6 checklists for my parents over the last 3 years & only just got them to agree an assessment. The person has to be very near end of life to guarantee a successful application.
Saying that keep trying and as each little deterioration in your mothers health is flagged up, ask for another assessment as that will bring you closer to a successful outcome. This is what they don't count on people doing. Most give up and accept the initial decision.

I may have better news on the other hand regarding SS Top Ups. The person is assessed individually so when my mums financial assessment was completed initially. only mums income was counted savings were halved as in a joint account, We made a mistake as mum receives only a state pension her contribution to the bank account was small however dads pensions state & private were keeping the bank balance over the threshold. He continued to pay the Top Ups to the home when it was not his responsibility. It should have been picked up sooner as once I realised rather late that mum had met her higher threshold allowance at least a year previous, I phoned SS. Mum was assessed again. The SS contribution increased. Same when she reached lower threshold she now only pays £54 per week contribution until dad passes away then will become a full funder once again with the sale of their property. Obviously we are fortunate to have a fairly reasonably priced Care setting. If your mums Care home is pricey then that will have implications to what your local Authority's contribution is. I would suggest a meeting with the Care home, SS Case Manager, Dad & yourself plus another financial assessment for mum would determine if any extra funding is available.
It is never transparent; there are no guidelines; you are never told what the maximum SS contribution is. They operate a policy very much that suggests 'we are not going to tell you' ' if you don't ask you don't get!' Like us we found out by default. While dad was plying the account with his pensions to pay mums top up Care home fees he went without any care for himself for 2 yrs. Hence I gave up my career to care for dad, as there was not enough money coming in to pay for care for both of them. Something he needn't have done had he been notified. With that in mind Debby what happens if dad needs care at some point. He will need his pensions etc to support himself.
If you were already aware of all these things Debby my apologies; however I am always happy to chat as we have similar stuff going on. Both parents in 2 places. Mum in Care but still requiring a lot of support. I might have some tips on other issues re transport etc for you and you for me!

One must REMEMBER once your hard earned savings are depleted: Not only will they use your income from your property ; we all know these two facts however the one they don't tell you about; the final sting is if you paid in all you life to a private pension don't expect any assistance from SS towards your care fees as your income will be deemed too high.