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Continuing health care funding - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Continuing health care funding

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Linda..hang in there! As you say those who shout loudest etc.!!!

If they still haven't replied to your e mail I would be e mailing them again, along with a telephone call to politely remind them to reply to said correspondence!

And if you feel that you might be too anxious when phoning perhaps a younger member of your family could phone for you. I must admit I soon become very 'wound up/lose patience ' nowadays and know that if I'm not careful i could come across as being 'bolshy' and this doesn't do any good at all!!!!

Good luck Linda. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

Bug hug. Joan xx
Every CCCG has a Complaints Officer, and the Continuing Healthcare team ultimately come under them.

Start ringing the CCCG Complaints Officer, their boots are bigger than yours when it comes to kicking people into action!

How do I feedback or make a complaint about an NHS service ?
Hi Greta. I've just been looking through the posts again and am certain that I replied to your post but it doesn't appear to be there!!!! Can't understand it. Perhaps I forgot to press the submit button!

Anyway Greta thank you for sharing your experience with me. I'll keep you all updated on mums situation.

Tomorrow is THE day when she goes to the care home. Just keeping everything crossed that she soon settles. At least she'll have her own room so it will be quieter than the hospital ward she's been in.

The woman in the next bed has dementia and for some reason was given a singing Santa by ward staff and then her daughter brought her a singing penguin! !!! What a racket! ! And the stupid bed side lockers had doors which didnt close silently so every time someone went in them there was an enormous bang!!

Thinking of going into designing silent doors for hospital ward furniture!!

Big hug from Joan
That's OK, Joan. Thanks for thinking about it and hugs to you too.
Hi every one. Mum has had the DST and I've been told verbally that she qualifies for CHC!!!! Just waiting for confirmation in writing.

There is just one thing I'm concerned about. I've read somewhere that there are different levels of CHC as in standard and enhanced so won't know until they tell me which level Mum is on

I've also read somewhere that there shouldn't be different levels and wondered if anyone our there can offer me any advice 're this.

Thanks a lot.

Joan x
Excellent news , Joan !

Different flavours of CHC ?


https://caretobedifferent.co.uk/differe ... e-funding/

Are there different levels of NHS care funding depending on levels of need ?

2. There are high, medium and low levels of funding, depending on your specific care needs. – WRONG

Again this is not correct.

If you are found eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare finding, there is one level: the full cost of your care.

Probably more teething problems will follow ... just let us know.
Hi Joan, that's really good news. Let us know when you have the formal letter granting CHC.
Thanks Chris and bowling bun . Will keep you updated.

The home my mum is in is excellent and all the staff really caring. It is one of the more expensive ones in the area and I wouldn't mind having to pay a small contribution if I have to. Just want to do best by mum. I've already disputed the first check list they did on her in hospital. The assessor only scored her a B for skin integrity and only wrote "dressing to left leg " on the checklist notes. Nothing to say WHY the dressing was there and even though when I asked district nurse to intervene (and who knows my mother's leg better then anyone!!!) and who also thought scoring was wrong the assessor "stood by her professional judgement" and would not budge on the scoring. If she had scored an A on this domain then mum would have had enough scores to go through to a DST.

And also under "Altered states of consciousness " the assessor said NO ASC's recorded when in hospital. But this woman should have gone to Spec Savers because I decided to obtain mum's hospital records whilst she was in hospital and lo and behold she had had THREE episodes of altered states of consciousness in a three week period!!!

Tell you...you couldn't make it up and certainly not trust anyone to do their job properly. And certainly NEVER assume anything!! I find its best to do your homework and keep one step ahead!!

Anyway perhaps I am jumping the gun will just have to be patient and wait for written confirmation.

Kind regards to you both and hope all is well in your lives.