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Constant eating

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
It would seem we all go thru the same dilemmas. I feel my husbands small meals are doing enough to keep body & soul together. He also is 82. The dietitian also said a drink of alcohol sometimes stimulates the appettite but with medication, nutritional drinks and food and carers coming in 4 times a day I find it difficult to fit it all in and as he doesn't know what he is having till it is put to his lips it doesn't seem to make any difference.
my mum also eating tiny and sometimes peculiar meals. apparently yesterday she made herself tinned rice pudding with carrots and peas mixed in. when i suggested this was a bit odd as rice pudding sweet she said she put salt and pepper in it! said she liked it so suppose it is ok. wont hurt her i suppose.seems to like lots of cake so trying to keep it all balanced.i guess taste buds go the same way as everything else.
Diana, I agree it won't hurt her. After all she just had her two courses in one.

I also struggle with mum's lack of appetite and weight. However, the more I fuss, the less she eats. I think it is also a question of control. If I leave nibbly things near her (eg nuts), she will sometimes have a couple of handfuls when I am not looking ... I also make coffee very milky, add butter to stuff where appropriate. The only thing mum will always eat is omelettes. She will be clucking soon Image

I agree with you, Sussex, that of course they need less calories than we do. I sometimes forget that.
I think it must be something about eggs Anne, my mum will always eat eggs - in her case its boiled eggs - and I remember sajehar being worried because her mum wanted so many eggs too. I wonder if its because during the war eggs were a special treat? Image
Crocus, that would make sense, for people who lived through the war and experienced rationing for years afterwards. From what I gather, the powdered eggs weren't very tasty.