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Better then medication..... - Carers UK Forum

Better then medication.....

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Never in a million years did I ever think I would be singing the praises of a small pot of miracle cream called Sleepy that when applied to my mums hands and feet for the last 10 day’s has produced an almost perfect night sleeps for her. Containing lavender and camomile it seems to knock her out for the night.

Although there is small amount left on my hands when I go to bed I’m almost to scared to use it on myself in case I don’t hear her if she needs help in the night....lol

Anyone else tried the “old fashioned” remedies ? Almost a shame they don’t do this cream on prescription
I googled this as I haven’t heard of this product - am hoping it’s from Lush as I have just ordered some for my mum who doesn’t sleep at night. It’s got to be worth a try!
More details please, I want some! 3.20am and I'm wide awake.
Hi - Yes it is from Lush, The downside is it is a little expensive, but it has got very good reviews. We even gave a small sample to a carer that comes so she could pass it on to a another family she calls on and she too said it had worked well for them too.

I’m almost too scared not to use it on mum now as this has been the longest run of good sleeps we have had in months....lol

I can’t say I have ever really been a true believer of alternative therapy. I have dabbled a bit with some relaxing night time sprays from Moulton Brown to try and help me but this cream has a very strong lavender smell - so strong that when I pull mums bed socks off in the morning you can still smell it. For all I know it could just be the hand and foot massage she gets at night that helps her drift off and the lavender just kicks in later.

I can’t promise it will work for everyone and no I don’t work for Lush (lol) but would love to hear back from anyone who has tried it or other products with similar ingredients
PS - EBay has small sample pots for sale around the £3.50 mark including postage
SLEEPY by Lush
I would be careful of a cream that puts you to sleep just by rubbing it in.
Has it been given any tests, approval ?
Will it become addictive??????
Fair point, Albert.

Several staff at school really rate Lush products as they are meant to be made from natural products. I took a look at their website and they list the ingredients of each product and the source of each ingredient. https://uk.lush.com/products/twilight/sleepy


PS quite tempted to try it myself ... Just need to find someone to help me massage it in ;)
I've just ordered a sample pot, thanks for the tip off. If I'm not on the forum for a few days, you know why!!
Lavender has long been recommended as a relaxing aroma. When my boy was a baby a couple of drops on his pillow seemed to do the trick.
I suspect that, and the relaxing effects of hand and feet massage, induce better sleep.
If you Google Sleepy by Lush a lot of papers and magazines have reviewed it with mixed answers as to why it works.
It will have been fully tested before being launched to the general public

It’s simply a combination of the gentle massage just before bed and the lavender and camomile aroma which makes it work I think. You don’t need to use a lot as we just do feet, hands and a little on the chest

As a carer who has to deal with a dementia sufferer who has night terrors which can include blood curdling screams in the middle of the night I’m just grateful at the moment that we have found something that settles her so we both get a better nights sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz