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Clinical waste

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi - My mum has just come out of hospital and is incontinent. She has used pads for a few years and we had the odd accident but now it’s swung the other way. Daft question but (the pads are not number 2 soiled) are these just meant to be put in the normal waste bin or is there some guidelines on clinical waste ? I can’t seem to find anything online and as I said it’s been a few years since she was seen by the incontinent service so can’t remember being told to dispose of them in any other way or I’m sure I would have organised something by now eg waste bags etc
I think that they are quite safe to go into your general (landfill) waste providing they are bagged - the same as babies nappies; but you could check with your local council's refuse department to be sure.
Our council website has the details. They would not be clinical waste here. They are tied up in small binliners or other plastic bags and then put into the bigger refuse bags with the rest of the non-recyclables. Clinical waste would go in a yellow bag and have a special collection.
Hi Linda,
Last year our council changed our general waste collection to once a month. This causd an uproar with families with nappies and it was decided that large white bags would be supplied for sanitary products in a separate collction I contacted them regarding my husband's incontinence pads and nursing supplies etc and they agreed to include us in this new scheme. We started with one bag a week to be collected every two weeks but since my husband is now doubley incontinent we are allowed two bags each week to be collected. It has worked very well and the carers put their plastic gloves and aprons in it also as these can be soiled.
Down here, unless your willing to pay the rubbish company (no puns implied) to specifically deal with clinical waste ;

Have a small yellow bin (we paid for) for sharps/CD waste which gets emptied down the GP's once in a blue moon (when I have time)
Pretty much everything else ends up in the black sack.

If not for the clinical waste (pads, gloves, dressings etc) we'd be 2/3 black bags lighter per week, which is the large chunk of our waste output as we separate the recyclable stuff out of habit by this point.
Did some more research today and Central Bedfordshire Council class it as offensive waste and yes it goes in the normal bins.
Many many thanks for your replies though x x x