Cataract operation on Alzheimer's suffer

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Help! I've had mum to the opticians today for her yearly check. She has Alzheimer's and diabetes. Well, I know mum has cataracts in her eyes but one eye is really bad and the optician says she should have it removed.

I don't know how mum will cope with the operation. I know they perform it under a local but even so mum gets easily confused. I no sooner got her out of the opticians and she had forgotten she'd been there let alone remembering about the operation.

Has anyone else experienced this situation?

Doesn't the optician mean cataract surgery to correct the cataract? This is normally done under a local anaesthetic but this would probably not be suitable for your mother as she would need to remain still for 20 to 40 minutes but my mother, who does not have dementia, had cataract surgery last week under a general so this may be an option. It would probably be best to get the referral to the ophthalmic surgeon and see what he/she thinks would be in your mother's best interests.
Hi Parsifal,

Yes I meant have Mum's cataract removed not her eye!! Image Sorry it's been a long day and I'm ready for bed.

I think I'm just overly concerned because Mum's not had any operations since giving birth to me so she's done well to get to her age without anything major.

Ok, thanks for your advice.

If you go ahead with the opp make sure she gets a general anaesthetic and that the hopital is aware that you will walk all the way to the theater with her and stay while she oes under. That way you can chat to her and keep her calm. If the hospital is understanding they will allow this as we did it with my gradnmother when she neded an opp a few years back while she was still with us.