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Caring for someone with Alzheimer's/Dementia - Carers UK Forum

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's/Dementia

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
NHS Choices Alzheimer
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Understanding dementia
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Your own wellbeing
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Dementia Carers Support

National Dementia Declaration
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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines

Supporting people with dementia and their carers in health and social care

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One of the difficulties is trying to prevent ones loved one from turning day into night or night into day. This can play havoc with normal nights sleep. No doubt I am not alone with this problem. Zimba
No, you're not alone Zimba - it's called 'sundowning' and it's very common Image Mind you mine can sleep for England - during the day Image Image

Have a look at the Alzheimer's Society's website for some ideas.
Hi entity, I have a full day course to do this coming Friday on Dementia care which will help me with my job, thanks for the links above, very helpful. Image
For those of you who don’t use twitter and would like to keep up with the latest news on human rights, dementia, disability and so on, this is my favourite blogger.
http://www.equalanddiverse.co.uk/dement ... d-at-home/
my wife is not so much sundowning but just scared of going to sleep when it's dark,she has started to see people at night,even though she is not alone in bed my daughters and i take turns,we don't get a good sleep because of tossing and turning and the fact she is also up and down all night and the kids help because they know if i don't get the odd good nights sleep we're all in a mess if i go under because i can't work part time and lose working tax credit,has anybody got any ideas on calming her down at bedtime,i hate alzheimers!
Mum went through this stage and it was terrible to watch so my advice is to contact the CPN or Doctor to get proper medical advice . Your wife may well be suffering from visual hallucinations due to the progression of dementia.
"Visual hallucinations can be simple or complex, and can be as diverse as seeing light flashes, patterns, people, animals, distorted faces, objects, complicated landscapes or bizarre situations."

There is also the possibility of a water infections which left untreated could lead to psychosis.

For more information
http://alzheimers.org.uk/site/scripts/d ... mentID=172
thanks entity,i don't think it's a water infection because of lack of accidents,i have left a message for our care coordinator to ring me and i'm hoping she will speak to the consultant about it for us,the gp probably wouldn't know how to help,so i thought it would be best to go to the main man.have you got any tips on how to deal with this because it's bad enough she has got alzheimers at 41 and my heart breaks for her,like i said to adult social care yesterday i often think she would be better off not on aricept so she could be in her own world drifting away where nothing can hurt her
Malc, does your wife take her Aricept at bedtime ??

The reason I ask is that sleep disturbances/hallucinations are well known side effects of Aricept - when Mum first started on it she had terrible nightmares, then I read online (a Canadian Study) that if this was a problem the drug could be taken in the morning instead. I checked with her geriatric pyschiatrist and he was happy for her to switch the time of day - she now takes it in the morning. Mum still sundowns regularly usually from mid-afternoon onwards (she gets more confused and agitated/argumentative) but no more bad nights.

It might also be worthwhile for you to check with her Doctor if one of the other dementia drugs might be more suitable for early onset dementia (Reminyl, Exelon or Ebixa).

On a practical note - have you tried a night light in the bedroom, so that if she wakes she can see where she is and gain comfort from familiar surroundings ?
before I say anything, I have never cared for a relative with Alzheimers, this is just a suggestion.
Have you tried lavender essential oil on your wife's pillow?Put it on a cotton wool ball just inside the pillowcase. It usually relaxes the mind. (I have heard of people with Alzheimers having aromatherapy, so I don't think it would harm,but like I say, I have never had to care for a loved one with this condition.)
I hope that you manage to find something that will help you wife to settle.