Carers still not doing as the should

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi do you think an app recording what the carers have done might help. You would just log in and see if meds were taken personal hygiene, mood of your loved one etc ?
Jacqui at the time the care workers dropped them selfs in it as they log on the property on an app on phone also recordings in book of times what was done,mother inlaw just has meds call and to make sure she eats and drinks and snacks are left on each call easy no personal care,on the 27th of July I have a meeting with head of social services and my MP also it's took 7 months for the complaint to be looked at and heard nothing at all.
Good luck with the meeting.
Make notes beforehand about what concerns you most, and then how you think those issues can be resolved.
Don't let officers take charge of the meeting. Before they get going, tell them what is on your own agenda.

Rather than say "mum hasn't had any proper care for six months" say "mum hasn't had any proper care for 182 days, that's 182 days when I've been left to deal with MIL". If you go three times a day that's 546 visits!!

Make a point that you, as carer, have health issues of your own; and so does your husband, if I remember rightly.
I will do,my husband is blind has cerebral palsy and epilepsy,I have made notes mainly so far is to why mother inlaw been left with no care and also to why I was told a neighbour or friend to look after her while on holiday,social services knew she was alone.
Last night we had the meeting with my MP and head of social services,told head of social services situation,how we move forward is mother inlaw is to have another assesment which will be on 14th of August don't get why because nothing's changed only more time on hands since father inlaw has passed away her needs still remain the same we was told that only one agency covers our area and we refused them yes we did and continue to do so they had a trial while we was away and could not get morning call right plus leaving my friends mum with no food we finds out last night the company are being investigated I certainly won't be letting them in my mother inlaws home our wishes was respected,I have found out today that social services have a department where they deal with over a certain age and take them out this would have helped in afternoons after visits with her husband I will be honest nothing was mentioned about care was mainly have her meds in a disc and this alarm goes off but that won't tell me if she has eaten plus she happy with her meds in blisters,as for care I don't know what will happen but the system is broken.
Was the MP any good?
Yes colin he is excellent and passionate about dementia,it was just things like a meds disc and an alarm which we knew about stated to MP non of these will tell em if she has eaten or had a drink he agrees with me and also that being taken out can come last its the support she needs around snacks meals drinks and meds those who shout the loudest are heard eventually,my fight shall continue