Carers still not doing as the should

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Mother inlaw has Alzhimers care go in breakfast tea and bed,main issues are around her meds sometimes she will take her night ones in a morning and she can take a whole days worth all at once this is why care has been put in place,other concerns have been raised because when we have been with mother inlaw she will eat a bit and throw the rest I raised this with care company who said they would put in fluid and food charts this took weeks to do so I was one the phone when they finally went in the file hardly been filled in so rang up again to be told we shall sort it gave them the chance nothing was done,one day i was there found her breakfast in microwave she had forgot about it so rang care again I was told the would keep close eye on it one care worker did but no one else did I rang social worker who came out and was appalled at the file and times carers were going and leaving she rang care company and told them what needs to be done new file because company has lost the contract and gone somewhere else with a name change she also said why pay when not getting full service we are concerned because mother inlaw eats little and forgets Inbetween and she also diabetic social worker said she would ensure she is offered a snack and a drink to try and prevent uti this was last Friday I said would give them a chance,yesterday my husband went round and found her breakfast in microwave again oh and last Friday she was not given her memory medication her meds are in blisters but this one is not due to it being increased I rang again Monday to ask why still waiting a reason so rang yesterday heard nothing.what are they supposed to do.

1 make sure mother inlaw takes meds on right day and time everyday morn/eve/bed
2 sure she has eaten breakfast- if not remind her or do her something
3 make sure they see her putting tea on and eat it along with tea time meds/tonight her tea was not even on and care worker came sorted meds had a chat and went states take with food
4 make sure she takes eve meds offer drink and supper/never happens

Not so hard is it and it's prob on of the easiest houses the care workers go,I am so fed up of ringing and nothing been done social worker said have grounds to complain and they have had a week to sort things out.
How worrying, Tracie. Definitely not good enough. Very time consuming for you too, all this chasing.
social worker said have grounds to complain and they have had a week to sort things out.
I agree, time for an official complaint.

Hi Tracie
If you or your MIL are paying for this "service" then I would strongly urge you to change agencies. If possible ask around and get a recomendation. I had an agency as useless as the one you describe, changed agency and now very satisfied.
Made a compliant Friday was told someone would call me same day no call rang yesterday and a compliant has gone in,absolutely fuming
Sorry to read this Tracie. It's a worry isn't it?

My mum has been having careworkers in for just a week and they came highly recommended. They are punctual, cheerful and friendly according to Mum but already there are a few things that bother me. she says she doesn't get dried properly after her shower and the girl didn't use soap or shower gel (which is there) just water.

On Friday it was pouring with rain and the girl came in and upstairs in her wet shoes and left marks on the carpets which Mum wasn't happy about.

I put on her care plan that I wanted them to make sure she puts in her hearing aids and check batteries. But yesterday I got there and she didn't have them in at all and the batteries were flat yet there were new ones on the side.

Yesterday she made her own toast but they're supposed to make her cereal or toast.

Also we didn't need care this morning as she slept at mine last night and I told the office several days ago and they confirmed it and yesterday the careworker left a note to say mum had told her she wouldn't be there and could I therefore contact the office! So there seems to be a lack of communication their end!

I guess we just have to keep on top of things.
Rang again because things are not good,I was at my mother inlaws on Tuesday mother inlaw and my husband had a meeting over my father inlaws funding so they had left,the care worker came at 11.10 knowing full well she visits her husband at 11 am daily luckily mother inlaw took right meds on right day but not sure if she eaten as she could not remember,she could not remember if care had been before then and I rang my husband told him that they arrived at 11,she likes her meds and breakfast between half eight and nine that's her routine,they have had the chance to improve and they have not so told them straight want someone else in.
Having a meeting next Wednesday
It's no good having breakfast at past 11am! I had to complain when staff kept turning up at 11.30am to give mum lunch - staff didn't seem to realise that it meant that after she left, there was no carer again until the "putting to bed" call. She was too frail to make her own cuppa, and latterly too frail even to open her own Thermos flask. For a while the management tried to deny the times staff were calling, until I said it was in mum's notes!!!
4th of Jan care resumed despite several meetings no improvement call I got on the first day back after Xmas was care came when mother inlaw was out at 11am so rang up same old stuff will sort it,all came to ahead four week ago had to sack the care workers mother inlaw was so upset on the weekend so rang on Monday told them need someone else by end of day nope nothing by Friday still going rang social worker she had left told duty worker calls need to be stopped from now she was arguing so she rang care on call by this time it was gone five she rang back she told on call worker what needs to be done I said no way they gone,I rang them and said make it last call tonight girl went till when I said permanantly social worker who was on duty said we are leaving her vulnerable I argued said no care workers are leaving her vulnerable so basically now no care no one covers my area either agents or private now they want to put care agent in who are same as last lot and who left my friends mum washed and same knickers on for a week and not left her any food,I am ill and been doing care for last few weeks what did it was evening care weaker said there was nothing in to snack on for supper yet went and spent 58 pound on food that day,her calls were 15 mins yet the was in and out in six and have proof and CQC and local council are investigating this now mother inlaw is ill and u Dee dr because she not eating enough they was told what to do so am left with no care no support nothing.
Tracie, if they cannot arrange suitable care at home, then residential care, at least temporarily while they sort the mess out, is the only option left. They should respect the fact that you have your own health problems.