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Carers Assessment

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi All,

I am waiting to have carers assessment. I have to ring my Mum during the days she is out with a support worker, and comes home from her weekly day centre visit. I have to remind her about eating the plated tea's and dinners I have prepeared for her,on her return home. I do this on my mobile phone, as I don't want to run up big phone bills. I wondered if I might get any help towards this. I can get through £10 of credit, in no time, just checking on.
Anything else that might be a good idea, to mention during my Assessment. I have a free bus pass to travel with Mum when we go to our carers lunch club.
Love Sonia xxxx

Have a look at Tesco mobile. Their pricing system is a bit complicated but £10 every 2 months would give you oodles of short calls. For £10 per month top up on pay-as-you-go Tesco Mobile will give you loads and loads of minutes to your five favourite numbers, and no commitment.

Most of the networks do 30 day contracts for sim only. Keep you own phone. Cancel at any time.

I have not checked their rates lately but when I was with Virgin, £10 per month by direct debit got me 200 minutes per month, calculated to the second with no minimum call charge. Thats about 3 X 2 minute calls every day of the month. If you go over the 200 minutes, you can still use the phone but the price goes up. (Sim only, 30 day contract.)

If you have had your phone for more than a year and it is tied to a network, I think they are obliged to free the phone up for you for a charge. It may be less hassle to buy a cheap phone from Tescos or Asda on the network you want. If you have a 3 phone, you probably won't be able to get it unlocked.

By the way, Tescos use the O2 network and Virgin use T-Mobile, so if you live in a poor signal area, you would want to know that.

Best wishes,
Hi Sonia,

I have been waiting for a Carers Assessment for months, or is it years. Time is certainly passing by very quickly. I have been told that Social Services don't have to do these assessments so you could be waiting for a long time too. I don't even know what the assessment will do or whether there is any use in having one done, especially with all the cuts that are being made. It seems the elderly and infirm are taking the brunt of these.

One thing I can't understand is no matter how many times organisations are told not to write letters to my Mum, to send them to me as I have an Enduring Power of Attorney, they still send her letters. They then worry her or she hides them.

Ah well such is life. Image
If you're caring for someone who meets the social care criteria in your area and request a carers assessment, it's mandatory, Juddy. It's your right.