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Care home closing s.s want to move my dad 50 miles away - Carers UK Forum

Care home closing s.s want to move my dad 50 miles away

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I would like some advice my 95 year old Dad lived with me up until 4 months ago when we moved and s.s were unable to get care for him. He suffers from vascular dementia and after a stay in hospital early last year with flu he has been unable to walk but came home with a double handed package 4x a day. We moved to a bungalow 3 miles from where we were in Devon to make things easier for me as i have rheumatoid arthritis and couldn't cope with constantly going up and down the stairs to help him.I really struggled with the decision to let him stay in the residential home he went to for respite he settled in really well and the staff are lovely.It wasn't Ideal as its 15 miles from home and nearly 30 from work but I can speak to him on the phone daily as can all the family.I was just beginning to feel confident that he was happy then Thursday night i got a phone call asking me to attend an emergency meeting the following day where they announced they are closing in 28 days....I was shocked to say the least.

Today I had a phone call from social saying the only places that will accept their rate with his level of care is about 50miles away as it is I can only manage to see dad about once a week i wouldn't be able to do that if he is moved that far away.They say if I want him closer I have to top it up which I cant. I don't know what to do now his needs have increased since he lived at home and the rest of the family can see my health has improved since I'm not wearing myself out looking after him so have all told me I have to look after myself otherwise I will be in the same boat.

Any advice would be appreciated as I haven't much faith in his appointed social worker she phoned me today and asked me if he was going to have a new assessment !!!
Christine, the social worker is lying.
The key words in your message are "at their rate". The rate councils pay must be set at a level which actually meets the full cost of care.
It is unlawful to ask relatives or the client for "top ups" for a basic room, OK if it's for a bigger room or nicer view.
Your father's Human Rights should be taken into consideration, i.e. the right to be near family.
Dad clearly has high care needs. Has he ever been assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare. This would be a very good time to read the CHC "Framework" and ask for an assessment, it's something of a postcode lottery I'm afraid. I'm sure this is where I've read about the Human Rights Act too.
Ad dad is apparently "fully funded" by the LA, he may well be entitled to Legal Aid - I've just been granted it for my son, for different reasons.
As time is so short, I suggest you ring the Age UK helpline and our Carers UK helpline, email if the line is busy.
In the meantime find out what other nursing homes there are in your area, and whether they have any vacancies. It will be much easier bargaining with SS if you can say "I want dad to be moved to X home because it's within visiting distance".
Hi Christine ... purely on the question of care home fees , a recent thread covers the exact position :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... omes-30687

Several links to outside sites for guidance.

An area where far too many SWs give out the WRONG information !
Hi Christine,

Some good advice already but it may also be worth contacting a local solicitor who specialises in elderly care issues. Your first half hour of advice would be free. I found when struggling with a similar issue that a sharply worded letter from a solicitor to Social Services stating the legalities made them cave in. This all comes down to funding and sadly, she who shouts loudest tends to win.

Good luck, a terribly worrying situation for you.
Anne x
Thank you for all your advice,
Social are pushing for residential care as it is cheaper but District nurses who know Dad are saying he needs nursing care so I have attended a Nursing care assessment today which might lead to CHC funding which they are taking to panel (whatever that is)so just got to wait and see where that leads hopefully I should know by Friday. Then I will at least know what sort of place I will be looking for.
When social worker found out she said there is a local nursing home he could possibly attend Dad has been there briefly before and hated it he said he had no privacy and wasn't treated with dignity or respect and felt like a piece of meat. I told her under no circumstance did I want him there she responded by saying as his needs have increased would he be bothered by that any more. I just wanted to cry !!!!! :(

I have found another fairly local one that has room for him its just a case of the home and s.s agreeing a price. So here's hoping.
Any update on your Dads assessment Christine?

Just wondering as I started Mums today.