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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My husband would not come to bed last night so slept in his armchair as he does alot in the daytime as well. I left the light on so that if he did come he could see his way up the stairs. I tried to encourage him at intervals but after 4.30am gave up.
Hi Daffy,

I have the same problem with my mum and, as I don't live there, I and she never know whether she has been to bed or not. My thoughts at the moment though is that if they are happy in their chair and warm and comfortable, does it matter? You need your sleep to cope too. When I stay at my mums (about 3 nights a week), I spend at least an hour convincing her to go to bed. Last night she stayed in her chair because she was waiting for someone (who??) to come home from school. Do you get any support so that you too can get some rest? Take care, Anne
I have a lovely Parker Knoll recliner. I've had four operations since I bought it, each time I found the chair much more comfortable to sleep in than my bed. I'd suggest that you kept a light blanket near the chair, and covered him gently when you went to bed. Getting a good night's sleep is really important for you, so stop worrying, pump up the pillows and enjoy having the whole bed to yourself!
Many Thanks for your replies. Our house is not big enough for recliners.
Bed wetting is becoming a problem now as well. I was advised about some very good padded pants. He didn't want to wear them last night and so I gave him an ultimatum, either he wore the pants if he wanted me in the bed or I would sleep in the spare room. He chose to wear the pants. I didn't have any bother tonight. I am trying to get him to bed before he lapses into a deep sleep in the armchair as it is then difficult to get him to bed after that. In November my daughter is going to stay here one night so that I can go to a yoga event. My first night off since he needed this amount of care. I do not feel I can put him into respite car with strangers looking after him.
Hi, my mum spends more time sleeping in the chair than in bed. I tend to just leave her be. Iv asked her why she dosent get into bed and she says its because she didnt realise shes gone asleep in the first place..... Image