Hi All,
I have just got the forms to fill in fo4r my mum who suffers with Alzheimers. She has trouble walking very far these days, as her ankles tend to swell up after a short walk. She has been told by her doctor to rest them when ever she can.
The reason I am going to try for a badge is the council are just about to put parking meters in on the road that she lives in and all around the town's streets. It will be ok afer six pm parking maybe. But I cant just drop her somewhere and expect her to get home alone if I can't park near to her home. I do all her washing and most of her home cooked meals for her. I won't be able to carry everything too far either. Too much to go on the bus.
Any tips on apply for the badge in the hopes of getting one. Its ok them asking about how much distance can a person walk, they could see that. But Dementia can't be seen so its harder to explain .
Love Sonia xxxx