Not eating at all.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My husband was diagnosed just over two years ago with Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. Over the last 2/3 months has got worse. At the beginning of January he lost his appetite but would eat a little, now not at all. It is also very difficult getting him to drink anything. Our GP visited twice in the last 2weeks but it was a waste of time. All he said it's 'you need to put food in the engine to keep it going'. Now he won't drink I am really frightened he's going to be dehydrated. I beg and plead and sometimes even shout at him but it makes no difference. What can I do? Who can I speak to?
Patricia, I'm afraid this is the time to Google "Signs of Dying". Here you will find an explanation of how the body instincitively knows how much food and drink it can tolerate. I know just how difficult it is to accept this, tears fell down my cheeks as I typed the words on Google, but I found that the information made it much less stressful when my mum was dying, I could support her without putting any pressure on her to eat or drink. The articles are written by people in the hospice movement.
Be brave, we are here for you. IF any of the information looks relevant to your husband's situation, then the GP should make an application for NHS Continuing Healthcare and discuss where you go from here.
Not drinking is very dangerous, but he won't see it that way. It might be time for him to be in residential nursing care - at the worst they could put him on a drip perhaps? I think it really depends whether he is, as BB says, 'closing down' or whether it is simply the dementia making him object to the physical act of drinking. Sadly, dementia does remove the sense of hunger and thirst. It's all very distressing - and exasperating at the same time.

(It sounds like the doctor doesn't really understand the impact of dementia on someone - perhaps time to call in an Admiral Nurse, or a professional carer? What help are you getting? It's impossible to care for someone with dementia on your own, as the condition worsens....)
Hi Patricia
I'm sorry to hear how much your husband has declined. I've been here recently myself with Dad and I found reading the Alxheimer's Society's thread on " End of Life " really helpful . The web site covers all types of dementia and not just Alzheimers.
My dad had a period of reduced eating and drinking for a while so I went throught he process of having the special hospital dietician try and gave supplements , although Dad refused all of them. He picked up for a few months but then in his final month he reduced and reduced his intake until the last week when his swallow reflex began to fail.
Here is a thread so you can read about others with similar experiences, I hope it helps ... e-care.73/