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Blog on Dementia caring - Carers UK Forum

Blog on Dementia caring

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Not sure if anyone is interested, but here is a blog I wrote recently - I want to push non-carers, support agencies, and the government to understand what its like to be an unpaid carer, as much as I can.
http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/t ... be66080ecb
Hi Jane

A good post! It rings very true for me, as even though my mum does not have dementia I can so identify with doing everything double, and feeling worried and anxious about her all the time.
Hi Jane

Spot on! This describes everything that is going on at the moment, including the bit about stealing their money by having them committed (where does that come from?!) This should be pushed to Social Workers and all agencies and Government bodies to help them to understand what it is like. I find that even the most supportive workers still tend to want to tick boxes and ask me why I haven't organised carers/equipment/bank accounts and so on, which they only requested a few days ago.
Agree totally as the sole carer of my much older husband.The suspicion and paranoia is spot on. I can understand police and Social Workers needing to be aware of 'Carer Abuse' but they need to know that people with dementia are likely to abuse their carers too and can be very mentally and even physically abusive. I can understand the 'juggling ' too.This week 2 visits to the Wound Clinic with husband who insists on having a bath though dressings are not waterfprooof and even worse, putting Detol in the bath. Then a visit to the Eye Specialist tomorrow to discuss a cataract operation. I have a heavy cold but I am expected to be available 24/7 for my £62 a week. Husband is very deaf so not easy to get him to go to appointments on his own. I also have to be in all day to arrange for a delivery of Fortisips from the chemist.

I also think 'Mental Capacity' is a cop out for the medical profession. If I tell the nurse about the Detol she is likely to tell me to stop my husband using it. But how? I am not going to risk physical abuse trying to stop someone who is convinced he knows best.
Carers are the like the factory workers and mill workers of the 19th century. Working long hours for little pay. Time we organised and revolted. I know we care, because we care - but society does not appreciate and reward that work - it is work.
A carers strike - that would be interesting!