Being discharged from hospital to a nursing home

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.

My Dad is now being discharged after 7 weeks in hospital to a nursing home that copes with dementia patients too.They have said he still has lots of nursing needs but needs too much care to go home. The NHS is going to fully fund it for 4 weeks, then Dad will have a re-assessment with a team of people to see if he is still eligible for the CHC [continuing healthcare payments] They have told me that I will be invited to this meeting.

They are hoping to get him moved by Friday this week. The trouble is all 4 nursing homes that they have suggested so far have got 'requires improvement' and 'inadequate' ratings when I read the Quality care commission reports. They have said it is difficult to find a nursing bed with dementia for his needs. He has tried to get out of bed a few times and has fallen. His dementia is not 'that' bad but has come on quite quickly in the last 7 weeks.

Do you think that they are deliberately finding the 'requires improvement' ones as they tend to look cheaper to me. I seem to be finding plenty of nursing homes with good ratings etc but at the moment they have said they will ring around for me. Is this a cost issue? or is the reality that a lot of the homes 'require improvement'.

At the moment I can't imagine placing my Dad in one if I am not completely happy. If anyone has been through this scenario before and has any information I would be grateful.

Thank you
Hi Vivien.

Purely on the CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare front , the main thread can be found here : ... inks-32532

On the care / nursing home front , are any reviewed by the CQC ... web site link follows :

Bottom line ... ALWAYS a cost consideration , sometimes overruling the patients' needs.

One golden rule :
Is to never believe ANYTHING you are told by the anyone working for the NHS or Social Services on the subject, especially if the person concerned is in hospital. Check the facts, ask here, check, check, and check again.

I trust that the above information will assist.
It can be an advantage, as managers should be falling over themselves to make improvements. I would suggest that your dad moves as close as possible to you, to make visiting easiest.
Hi Vivien
It might depend on whether Dad is going to be self funding, as then you can choose whatever Home you like (that he can afford) but Homes can and do choose (they call it assess) which residents they can manage

If he will be fully funded either through chc or council then yes they will be looking at costs. You could consider topping up, whereby you agree to pay difference BUT beware the fees rise astronomically often without notice and can go on for years. Top up fees are YOUR responsibility and cannot be paid from Dads money .

Search for the term 'top up' on here and you will see the messes people have got into with them.

Do not believe anyone that says you must pay a top up. Top ups only arise when you specifically chose a better room or more costly Home. If there is no suitable room available and the only option isa more expensive Home, then council pays as you had no choice.

While they are looking its best you keep quiet on any financial matters or even that you know about top ups else they'll immediately try to get you to pay

Don't just go by reports, visit each home yourself. No Home is perfect, even the very very expensive ones. Go for safe and warm and ease of you visiting

MrsAverage wrote: Don't just go by reports, visit each home yourself. No Home is perfect, even the very very expensive ones. Go for safe and warm and ease of you visiting
Yes you are right. You have to make sure that your loved ones are in a safe place and that they are well taken care of.
If he was entitled to CHC before going into hospital, then he should have another assessment before discharge, so that proper plans can be made. Have a look at the homes nearest to you, and check they take CHC patients.
BEWARE of any change of NHS CCCG area. If wherever he moves at discharge is in a different CCCG area in the 4 week period it could make massive complications getting CHC back again!
Demanding top up payments from relatives is unlawful unless it's for a better room or additional services!
Come back here if you are being told otherwise.
Thank you for your help and replies. It is much appreciated xx
Great suggestion bowlingbun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.