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Am i so wrong? - Carers UK Forum

Am i so wrong?

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My mum has Parkinsons with Lewy Body, After reading all I can about it and trying to get it right in my own head i am starting to panic, Mum will get so much worse, she will forget who i am and will end up in this body that is no good with a brain thats no good and i wake sometimes and wish that the big guy upstairs who ever he / she is would take my mum and that she or me would not have to wait for this horried diseases to work its magic on her, I dont want to lose my mum but either way I am going too.

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That's the worst thing about dementia, Jacqui.

I'm starting to see it with my father. Gradually over the years he's been whittled away by ill health, and now we're seeing clear signs of dementia.
same here. I am having exactly the same thoughts about my Dad.Although 89 he is as strong as an ox and quite healthy. His blood pressure is better than mine.! Image

Its a wicked disease to watch daily as it gradually takes a loved one away. Its a slow decline and inevitable and can take many years if there are no other physical health problems. Is it so bad to wish that neither our loved ones or ourselves and our family have to go through all that is coming and that they mercifully pass away in their sleep ?
my wife is 41 with alzheimers,i would like her to pass while she is still my wife and not some hollow replacement in my wife's body,no you are not wrong to want a loved one to be pain free and no you aren't selfish to want to be spared the heartache and pain of seeing the demise of a loved one either,with dementia you know what's coming and it is not nice,incontinence,memory problems and eventually the body will forget how to eat,so in most cases pneumonia.if i had a choice i would rather it be cancer,at least you are either cured or have a quickish death,even thou it might be painful,but at least i would have my wife as my wife till the bitter end,i know some people might not agree,but to see someone drift away from you day by day is unbareable
Dear All,

Thanks for you support and replys and it makes me feel better knowing i am not the only one who feels this way. I look at my mum everyday and she does not see what i do if that makes any sense at all. She knows she has parkinson and she knows what it does but she has no idea what her future if you can call it that holds for her. If the big guy upstairs cant take her while sleeping i hope and pray he makes her journey for my mum to the shell she will become quick and pain free. x
My dear wife has AD and it is certainly not wrong to wish for an early release despite the guilt one might feel. Is it wrong to think about it or even wish it? I think not. Selfish perhaps but that's Human Nature and our problem and Those with AD would probably agree. We will of course carry on as usual trying not to dwell to much on what is to come and how will cope. Go Well.Zimba