Further progression of this horrible disease

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Latest update:-
Mum has suffered the third of three fits, this one leaving her immobile and bed bound in hospital. We are not sure about the total cause of the immobility but we have decided we cannot cope with her like this at home, the fear of more fits whilst she is at home is just to strong. Think we are now looking for a permanent nursing home for people that have suffered strokes as that is what the symptoms are. Thanks for all the good wishes and i will be in contact soon.
Were all here Danny, thinking of you your Mum and your Dad. Keep us informed please.

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As Pete said, we are all here for you Danny. Sending hugs to you all.
Bluebird xx
Thinking of you and your family, sending my best wishes..........mand
All the best Danny, hope things improve for you all. Thinking of you.