It's Like Having a Child

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This is what people sometimes say to me, and yes in a way it's true - but in another way it's not.
Totally true piece of writing. Thanks Rosemary.
Hmm, food for thought there Rosemary. Although I'm not dealing with Alzheimers, Dementia has a lot of the same symtoms. That ladys emotions are the same as mine, most days anyway.

Thanks for posting it,

Pete x
You're welcome Pete.

x x
Aye, my wife often says this to me, and ponders on the altered state of things.

I can only guess at how hard it is for carers, i know what it has done for my wifes mental state and hear from her about my sister in law who shares the carers duties, but you folk on here will be well aware of the difficulties from first hand experience.

The best of luck to you all.
Very true, it can be like caring for a child, but much more tiring.
Thanks for the link Rosemary. x x