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Carers Rules are not helping dementia - Carers UK Forum

Carers Rules are not helping dementia

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Carers visit my 92 year old Mum diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. They are supposed to get Mum dressed, washed and give her breakfast and tea downstairs in the morning. And in the evening make sure she has water by her bed and give her something to eat or at least put some nourishment beside her along with a drink. She was diagnosed with high blood calcium and hyperparathyroidism and put onto a drug which caused side effects. A naturopath recommended drinking 5 cups of nettle tea a day. I put Mum onto this and her hyperparathyroidism went to normal and her calcium levels dramatically reduced. The endocrinologist said that as long as the tests came back as normal then she wouldn't have to go back on the drug. Great. But the carer company has deemed that she is not allowed to be given nettle tea despite me buying it from the supermarket. I have explained to them its for her good, even put nettle tea there that the naturopath gave me along with his sticker and instructions on it. But to no avail, all the carers have been sent text messages saying that they are not allowed to give Mum nettle tea. Does this rule, because it was prescribed by a qualified naturopath deem that they are not allowed to give it to Mum. What madness is this all about, and yet they can give dangerous drugs out. Also my brother brings her about 2 dozen very sweet large fairy cakes each week. I spoke to the carer agency about that saying that sugar is not good for Mum. The agency just replied that if Mum asked for a dozen cakes they would give them to her! Don't they realise that Mum has one, gets her sweet tooth going and then asks for another, and another and then helps herself. I go in the next day to find her confused, still in her dressing gown as she has told the carers that she will dress herself later. She had also refused any breakfast and because of this the carers just say that she can do herself some when she gets hungry. They don't realise she is never hungry but when confronted by a meal she will eat most of it with gusto. Why don't the carers understand that they are not helping. Its driving me to distraction and feel I have to go in every day to give her a good lunch and proper tea. Are they abiding by the law or being awkward, they sound really thick on the phone. And I mean really thick. I ask if they can do a lunchtime call, I have to ask twice as it seems she didn't understand my request, I will have to ask the supervisor. After a few minutes she comes back, what was your question again, so I repeat myself, only to be told that she doesn't have a lunchtime call, I then have to say that I am requesting a lunchtime call for her. Then she said that she has two calls. Oh my, they are causing me more stress than just doing it all myself. I am aghast that this is the care, is this normal? Please someone say it isn't!!
What does mum's Care Plan say?