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Agency Care

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Of course you are right Henrietta, Mum must have had only 30 to 40 carers over the years and some were not too good, being rather lazy or seemingly too young to have learnt how to make a bed that had blankets not a duvet! However we were lucky in that the team she had for the last years, although staff occasionally changed, were excellent. It was a case of finding a very good agency though with a responsible and responsive 'boss' who had high standards and demanded the same from her team. Again, luck.
Hi Elaine
I was very satisfied with Dad's agency when I changed over but they have recently been sending me a stream of newbies :( When I phoned them yesterday I was greeted by "Hello Henrietta" even before I had uttered a word. They obviously see my phone number coming up and wait to see what I have to say with trepidation. :lol:
Elaine wrote:Devil's advocate. - Maybe she didn't know what to do about him saying he was going out? Maybe she hadn't been instructed as to whether he was safe to go out on his own or not and thought that not putting on his shoes was a good way to delay him until she had found the answer?
The carer should have been aware as it's in Dad's care plan that he is (relatively) independent and does stuff like his own shopping, makes his way to appointments on his own, etc.

That same carer told my dad today that she's leaving and "going home". It's a shame, because up until the shoes incident, Dad was really getting on with her.
I'm having huge problems with my son's carers too. Staff know he comes home to me alternate weekends but would rather leave food in the fridge than cook it! So much broccoli that there was too much for three of us the evening! There are some lovely carers out there, but it's like a lottery, whether you get good or bad.
I agree - it's pot luck with carers. We have a great one who has been coming to mum (VaD) for over a year now and it seems that none of mum's behaviours faze her and she can cope with everything, and of course she knows mum very well by now. I don't think she has any plans to leave, but if she ever does, I'll be so sad! Others from the same agency who are sent as back up when No.1 not available are OK, but one carer's days here may be numbered. Sometimes you can sense if the carer's heart is in it, and if it is, then I'm comfortable that they are going to 'care' for mum. If not, it usually doesn't work out long term. Having said all that, thank God for carers in general, if they and the agencies didn't exist, then I wouldn't have been able to cope with mum at home. What does make me smile with some of them is the really silly things they do and it does make you wonder if they do stuff like that at home (probably not!) or if they do it when they don't like going to a particular home, so that you tell the agency not to send them again! At least I've got the shoe issue sorted - would they stomp around their own homes in dirty shoes? I don't think so. The one whose days are probably numbered insists on putting socks on and pulling a strange face, as if she has never heard of the existence of slippers!