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advice please

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
hi all,
my great aunt has been diagnosed with alzeimers. her son is her registered carer but he isnt caring for her.
she wanders round all hours day and night a neighbour is a taxi driver who works nights and she has found herself picking her up at all hours of the night and taking her home but her son doesnt seem to bother. i know this sounds really blunt but its really how it is.
she left some money ( a rather substantial amount ) at my grandads because he was taking it off her and spending it (new tv his car repairs etc etc) she has since fetched all the money she left at my grandads and he has now taken this off her. he has taken her bank card and her bus pass away from her.
he is claiming carers allowance for her but he is abusing the system.
is there anyone i can phone or talk to to get her the help she needs and deserves and stop her scrounging son taking everything she has ?

thanks in advance

(no one else in the family is prepared to stand up to him on her behalf because of the consequences that will follow)
Hi Puddytat

this is really a terrible situation - I would have thought that your first port of call should be Social Services (Adult Services Team) as it sounds as though your Great-Aunt is a vulnerable adult in all senses and they should be aware of the situation.

However I don't think that you should get involved in the rights/wrongs of her son claiming CA - but certainly letting SS know that she is being allowed to wander without supervision should do the trick.
i saw a paster about this at the GP on monday- it says u can talk to your GP if u feel a vunrable adult is being abused it also had a number on it for our local social services

this needs reporting its abuse, no two ways about it.
If u want some one else to do it PM EVERY detail and i will, cant stand abuse of any type