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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi All,
What is classed a severe mental illness. Just wondered if Alzheimers and Vascular would come under that. As it would appear that if a letter is written by your Doctor then you don't have to pay any council tax. My Mum has both, she gets a reduction as she lives on her own and now gets another reduction as she gets a rent rebate. I just want to make sure that she get's everything that she is entitled to. She used to get pension credit, but because left her a private pension and it went up by a pond or two she has now gone over their level for pension credit. Even the pension was taxed when Dad earned it and it's taxed again before Mum gets it. It would seem because of this if she should need any care help she will have to pay for it. You try to provide for your old age not by much and you can lose out big time.
Take care Sonia xxx
I think that you will find that it is severe mental impairment not illness, mental illness does not necessarily include impairment, and I would have thought, that depending, on the stage of dementia, your mother may well be entitled, it is certainly trying.
Hi Sonia

Welcome to the forum.

Does your Mother get Attendance Allowance ? It is not means tested and doesn't have to be declared for tax purposes. See here: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/disabledpeo ... g_10012425

And Parsifal is right 'impairment' is the deciding factor.
My Mum has vascular dementia and we still pay council tax although there is a small reduction for the dementia. Again my Mum doesn't get pension credit as through her pension she is over the limit by £1. Therefore we also pay for the 10 hours care she gets each week for me to be able to have a break.
Jill has vascular dementia. We get Pension Credit Savings Credit, as my private pension puts us a pound or two over the cut off limit for Pension Credit Guarantee. That's the magical one that gets you everything going.
We dont have to pay Council tax as were on Housing Benefit and have hardly any money.
We did have to pay for NHS dental treatment and glasses until I applied for a NHS CERTIFICATE FOR HELP WITH HEALTH COSTS. HC2 Form. It only lasts for a year and you have to re-apply using a HC1 Form. Now we can get these free.

It dosen't cover podiatry or chiropody though. Image
I will look into all the things you have mentioned. No one ever tell's about many things. I only found out that I could apply to our local council for a carers bus pass to travel with my Mum on the bus, its very handy. It can be used by others if they take Mum out on the bus.

Take care, hope you find time for yourself.And your wife is as well as she can be.
Love Sonia x
My mother has vascular dementia.

Two years ago she had a Court summons for non-payment of council tax. Her Psychiatrist wrote to the Court & Council - he said that (because of vascular dementia) she was severely mentally impaired. She got a one-year back-paid rebate & now has full exemption from council tax.

(It's all a bit odd to me, because I now live with her, the Council know this, but we're still exempt from council tax)