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Bleak subject...so beware. Diagnosis. - Carers UK Forum

Bleak subject...so beware. Diagnosis.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Just a guide for those who haven't yet learnt for themselves ...that accurate diagnosis can take time. A lot of time. Months. Even years. Lots of other things need to be ruled out first. Hang on in there.
And (eeeeek) a diagnosis can sometimes only be definitive .... post mortem. And by then, it would only have value for dementia research. Personally I would allow this for my own body but not for anyone I loved.

It is a drawn out frustrating time and when diagnosis is given....we may feel an element of relief, we may suffer anxiety, depression.......what anyone, carer or caree needs then is time and space to absorb it.

Not a time to make hasty plans.

Just my view.

Just sayin'
I am the type of person who is spot on with researching into individual topics especially where my family are concerned and i can assure that i do not miss out on asking questions/reading and investigating all information from every different company/society etc and i am fully aware that there are no one clinical test's that can determine whether a person has Alzheimers/Dementia disease usually several tests are performed to rule out any other cause of Alzheimers/Dementia reason being is the only definite method of diagnosis is examination of brain tissue obtained from a biopsy or autopsy which i can honestly state has been looked into on my part :)
So far, I sort of take the attitude that 'if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck'....ie, if someone is 'acopic' (just can't cope with living alone, the routine of daily life etc etc), then one might as well assume 'dementia' in that the 'proof' is in their inability to keep themselves without anyone else lending a hand (I don't mean just physical impairment, but the 'not knowing any longer' how to do things they need to be able to do - eg, put the kettle on, have a shower, etc etc.)

I don't even think it's just an inability to handle money - bcause it's easy enough to do that for someone - it's more the 'daily round', and if that can't be done any more, then 'someone else' has to 'be there' to do it for them.

Personally, I like the term 'elderly toddlers' which to me sums up what happens when dementia reaches a certain level. Just like a toddler, you can't 'leave them alone' any longer, they can't 'entertain' themselves (they can't read and take it in, they can't watch TV solo, etc).

I appreciate that that's a personal point of view, and I also appreciate that if it were my husband, and not my MIL who was being 'mentally impaired' I'd definitely want to know why - especially if it was 'early onset'. I guess with a parent, one simply 'accepts' that the time has come when they can't be 'left to themselves' any longer, on a daily basis, and that, sadly, is that.

Of course, if and when the time comes when dementia is actually 'curable' or 'reversible' etc etc, then of courae a correct diagnosis will be essential.

Equally 'of course' is the issue of requiring a correct diagnosis when it comes to something like PoA, or not paying council tax, etc etc.
Oh, I ask myself why, over and over again! Why has my husband had strokes, why has he got vascular dementia and why oh why am I losing him slowly to this awful disease.
It answered alot of questions when we finally had the diagnosis. I'm sure everyone on the forum has asked'why' related to the situation they are in
Hello there, interesting replies. :)
SUsan....sounds like you are a bit like me....research etc, planning etc...trying to be one step ahead and fully prepared. I see you have been having a hard time and wish you well.
Obviously, "our" way is not for everyone.

The thing is, we each deal in our ways with situations as best we can.

Pet, I have read your posts and see we have travelled similar paths. Pleased you both have support on this forum ;)

Hope this topic is of some use here. See you all another time ;)
thank you, it was helpful.