A sense of loss - Dementia

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My case is identical to yours. My mum diagnosed in December she fell broke her hip and the decline set in.
I am the main carer also which is very difficult at times it takes its toll.
My mum has still got a very good memory which is really good at present, I am enjoying this time whilst it lasts.
She is was a very proud person and is now incontinent only due to her mobility being poor, she hates this so much having to call for help toiliting etc.
Best of luck with the future with you're mum x x
My grandfather had this diagnosis too. Not an easy time. First, we tried giving him cbd products. Oils, for instance. You know people say it help to deal with depression and anxiety, with insomnia, and such. We found provacan products, got some. And it helped a bit. But it wasn't just depression. He was getting worse, unfortunately.