8months for my complaint

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
It's taken eight months for my complaint about my mother inlaws care,today I recieved a phone call stating that the head of social services has gone over the records care workers left in the book she has said its not good I said I know hence why I sacked them,also because the company changed over she has finally got old records from career workers all they have done is change over care company same care workers,today I was informed 19 missed calls at my mother inlaws house.
So, Tracie, what is the head of social services going to do about it?

Refund of the 19 missed calls and she wants to check and compare notes with old company,so glad stood my ground record book does not lie and neither do we,I just hope now they will lose the contract.
Finally my complaint is over,my mother inlaw was failed and it's been fully investigated and we are satisfied with the outcome.i am sad because there was so many calls missed and she is vulrenble don't get how they can not show up also states when we cancelled days and dates but not for all those missed calls.
Hi Tracie,
Glad your complaint was upheld.
It's not right that so many care visits don't happen.