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Meds issues and still no support - Carers UK Forum

Meds issues and still no support

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
As most of you know it's now been 14 months since mother inlaw had no carers it's getting harder and harder due to my poor health,I decided no amount of meetings will change anything and decided would not chase people any issues I have dealt with and social worker rang couple of times,currant situation is mother inlaw has a meds carousel and her meds pop out certain time of day if she does not take them from carousel the wardens ring her to tell her to take them but what's happening is she pops them out so the alarm stops goes and does something and forgets about her meds so when we go round meds everywhere I have told social worker but nothing happens the week before her son was present and her tea time meds never came out chemist argued saying she had them and forgot and argued the times warden came to check that they was not there last Friday was same so warden came out again we could not be there Friday so had she forgot or had they got stuck but like my hubby said she rang us right away and was stood at the alarm and they never come out,we have changed chemist due to this happening a lot this is one issue with med others are she is convinced her meds are not hers and we now get phone calls days and night even after leaving her saying her meds are not in the carousel for next day when they are on Friday we had calls from 5.30 till gone ten one after the other but the warden came Friday morning to see us re change of chemist I shown her evidence of not having pills and she said she needs care calls I said it's not just for meds raised concerns about her eating and yet again nothing ever changes,Friday eve I went to see my MP who is amazing and I said like I told him not chasing as 14 month on got know where he agreed with me,I am u well mentally and physically and still no one cares
Hi Tracie.

Goodness, my head is spinning just by reading your post.

It all sounds so complicated and technical, so can you make it more simpler for me

Just in one sentence, if you don't mind what is your main worry Tracie?
No help with mother inlaw in a nut shell no one listens to my concerns either
Have you been in touch with your gps over 75 nurse? they are there to help support the elderly in their own homes to keep them out of the hospitals. They should be able to advise on any help they can get your mum. after all, if she isn't taking her meds then she will end up in a hospital.
Its a minefield out there for support. Wishing you Luck in these trying times

Carolyn x
The trouble is if she has 'mental capacity' then no one can force her to take her medication - I was in a similar situation with my late father. It just gets to the stage where they HAVE to take them into hospital. But maybe a nurse would be the a compromise as she might be shocked into taking them if hospital was mentioned as an option?
Carolyn hospital is not the best place for a person with dementia so she won’t be going into hospital.she has a social worker and gp always says speak to her which we do
Helena she won’t be going into hospital it’s not the best place for a person with dementia,she just forgets to take them once her meds alarm goes off odd days she may remember but it’s getting more often that she forgets I have a meeting with my mp and head of social services so when I know more I will update.
You are right - hospital is not the ideal place for someone who is confused. I do hope your meetings go well as she obviously needs more help and supervision. But with my late father, the Carers could not 'make' him take his pills although they did try and prompt. All they could do is report back to me that he was not taking them and ask ME to contact his GP. I had to ask the Manager to do it as well to back up my concerns.

No easy answers.What do you feel is the best outcome?
Helena fully understand where your coming from with my mother in law she has mess caurosel and an alarm goes off so she tips them out morn tea and bed issue is she tips them out and sits down so she does forget rather than refuses to take them.

Outcome of meeting
Social worker speaking to gp over 14 month raised concerns so now decided to speak to gp,really not happy it's took this long

Giving care company a months trial -if they are ok will extend it if they not will be sacked
15 months told social worker care company can’t cover calls had a meeting with care company and social worker yesterday and was told by care company don’t know if we can cover calls,I am stressed depressed and have broken will know more next week.