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autism assessment for adult regarding employment - Carers UK Forum

autism assessment for adult regarding employment

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Regulars will know that my daughter has autism and learning difficulties. Her boyfriend who she lives with is just the same but never assessed or diagnosed. He can get a job OK as he is clean, smart and polite at interview. He can’t keep a job though as he doesn’t “get” what people say to him and they might ask him to do something different or work different hours and he can’t negotiate so just gets cross or walks away. He has lost so many jobs due to this.

We always say on application forms that he is dyslexic and really struggles with writing and form filling but we can’t mention autism as he is undiagnosed ….. so far.

His current employer knows this but still sent home a pile of forms about an inch high for him to read and then sign. they were about Health and Safety at work. I said she knows about his problems and it’s not fair to expect him to do this and he said she told him “just do your best.” I ended up reading him every single sheet, explaining and questioning him about it and then getting him to sign and date! he couldn’t read and understand one page let alone about 30. 😢

I think being assessed might help him but how do I broach this with him? He knows he has learning difficulties and he went to a special school but he seems to think he is OK otherwise but he isn’t. He tries to be polite and pleasant to people but it never really works out.
Hi Penny,
I've been mulling this over. My thoughts are - show him a video clip about autism, look on youtube and Ted talks for one by an autistic adult who had a late diagnosis. Best to find one by a man as men and women often experience autism differently. (Sorry I can't suggest one, but am rather snowed under at the moment.) This could then lead into a discussion about autism generally, he might even notice similarities about their experiences and his own. Then you can decide whether the time is right to broach whether he might have have autism too and point out that the people giving the talks benefitted from having the diagnosis etc