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Caring for 3 with ASD - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Caring for 3 with ASD

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
I agree that lockdown is making it harder and services are being shut down when they dont need to be. Yes there will be a lot of sad consequences for the most vulnerable in our society and it will all come out. Disabled children were the first to be thrown under the bus in this horrific situation.

what I find so upsetting is just how selfish SS and NHS can actually be. They are the first ready to down tools and run and look after their loved ones and not help the people they were employed to protect. It is shocking how unbelievably selfish our society actually is.
I hold my hands up to you. Have have 2 boys with asd. Aged 5 and 18. I had to go back to work for my mental health. Luckily I have an amazing husband who does the nights while I am at work. You should never be ashamed of staying at home and caring for your children. You should do what is best for you. Ignore what others say and continue to be an amazing mummy x
Lisa_201012345 wrote:
Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:52 pm
Hi there , I'm new on here but not new to caring. All 3 of my children have Autism Two are still in school and the other is now working having been in special education all his life . I'd like to say that over the years some people's attitudes to caring for family members has changed but sadly I still experience the stigma of people who think I should also be employed in a normal job too. This makes me feel like I'm somehow failing at life and that I should still be able to look after my 3, 24/7 and still go out to work I'm exhausted permanently and doing this on my own and everyone needs a piece of me and tbh there's nothing left for me!. :|
Hello... I am new here too. I have three children aged 14, 13 and 10.... my 14 year old son was first diagnosed with ADHD, then later with Autism. My daughter was then diagnosed with Autism and also ADHD. I have only just gone through the process for the third time and my 13 year old son was just diagnosed this month with Autism.... I thought it was uncommon to have all three with a diagnosis but in a way its good to know I am not alone in having all three of my children with a diagnosis! All three of mine are still in school, the oldest two are in mainstream high school and seem to be coping ok however I think my daughter will struggle! You are not failing and you are not alone.... just do what you can and put yourself and your kids first.... hope you can find space for some "me time" too... x