Stress sensors

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Interesting new tech.

Wonder what the results will be
Can I have one please, with solid results so I can show SSD how much stress they are causing me, and one for M too.
I think they would be only be of use with those that suddenly "blow" with no outward signs of there being a problem and for those in services where the staff don't know them well enough to recognise that someone is getting anxious.

With S and the children in my class ( non verbal, ASD,) we nearly always recognise the signs when stress is starting and so can then implement various strategies to help the individual.

Now if they could invent something that could tell us WHAT the issue(s) is/ are on those occasions when we can't work it out - now that WOULD be useful and amazing!

Would such gadgets help people recognise their own stress levels do you think? Maybe for adults more than children
Generally in adults the physiological markers are more obvious when we're under duress but you would hope it would have applications across all demographics where communication difficulty is involved.

Getting to where we can identify high octane/stressful situations in loved ones that can't vocalize is a big deal in itself.. especially when you are dealing with severe variants of developmental disorder or neurological impairment where visible signs of being triggered don't show up right until the meltdown/event phase.

Its basically another take on those "fit bit" watches, just looking for different things.