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Worrying Allegations in Stoke-on-Trent. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Worrying Allegations in Stoke-on-Trent.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Christopher is 27 and has always lived with me.He isn't autistic so was allowed to choose where he lives when his mum left.Owen is 25,and attends day-care,Eliot is 20 and attends college.
Eliot had a year and a half where he wasn't allowed to see me or Christopher (his mum claimed he'd non-verbally indicated he never wanted to see me again).So on 225 occasions,I picked Owen up-i.e. three times a week-and left Eliot behind,staring through the window at Owen and me returning home,which was five minutes away.He'll never know that that wasn't my choice.He was 12 years and a couple of months old when his mum died.For a year he was lodged at a 48-hour respite centre.He has not slept at home in 11 years.
The college is very good.It's in Stoke,but not run by Stoke council.They've been walking to the Co-op with Eliot for a year now,but staff at the bungalow won't do the same with him,only going to fields and parks.We've never had a O.T. here at home,though I met one at the bungalow last week.Did I mention that he's sometimes incontinent at night,but staff have the large bedroom with the en suite toilet? Eliot has been cheated and mistreated for most of his life.As noted elsewhere,he's allowed home with his family 12 hours a week,which equals 26 days a year.And I can almost see the place he's sleeping in tonight from this window...
Hi John, I wish I had answers for you to sort this all out for you and your sons.

The Daily Mail have run lots of articles on the closed family courts and C of P. They include the names of people fighting injustice and/ or supporting. Might be worth looking at, just google, "daily mail family court and court of protection."

I've been trying for about a year to register with John Hemming,M.P.I'm not very good at a lot of I.T. stuff,and have been trying to get Christopher to printout their form for about 6 months!
I phoned Jack Ashley,whatshername at the Daily Mail,met Shami of Liberty,phoned Private Eye...but there are a lot of desperate people out there and we never got to the front.(I don't mind blaming myself for this,but I notice that the parents mentioned in the original post tried to get help locally for seven years before they went to a solicitor.It's worth checking out that link,since the comments are quite interesting now!).

In fact,here it is: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Newstead ... story.html
Yes, I've seen that article, I think you posted the link previously.

Melly1 wrote:Yes, I've seen that article, I think you posted the link previously.

Sorry,Melly.Took me ages to learn how to do links! I'll be careful not to overdo it.As I say,the comments on that story are getting quite interesting-OK,I admit I'm in there giving my opinions-with another school mentioned.I wonder what the situation is nationally?
I think school provision varies and depends very much on the individual expertise of the teachers and their assistants and they in turn are dependent on having supportive senior managers. There is real disparity across the country, a shortage of provision generally and pockets of excellence.

Where I live, there is a shortage of primary places regardless of need. There are lots of children without a school place. For those with ASD there is a range of provision: mainstream, mainstream with support, ASD resource bases, ASD specific schools, special schools ... But still a shortage of places.

The http://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk are improving awareness and training, but in my experience, some people, "just get autism," and some folk struggle to do so. I recently went on a course attended by staff from a range of education provision catering for pupils with ASD and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of expertise in the room. Saying that, the right environment and placement is crucial.

I argued for three years that another local school,Kemball was wrong for Eliot,and got voted down-not least because the char-woman for the last two years thought I'd lost P.R....It's now accepted that his new school had to start from scratch and that Kemball had a negative impact on him.Bit late.
Blackfriers school in Bucknall,Stoke-on-Trent is very good.It's located in S-o-T,but run by Staffordshire council,so it's got an advantage from the beginning...