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Which disability do you treat.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
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Just a quick note to say Roberts meeting went really well.I had to go straight to work for a few hours after it and just now I am mentally exhausted.

I will post more about it later tonight to bring you up to date.

Love to all
x x x x

Great news Rosemary! Put your feet up girl and have a cuppa, you sound like you need it!

Paula xx
Thats great news Rosemary so pleased for you both hear more about it later
Hi everyone,

As most of you know we had a meeting yesterday to discuss Roberts discharge from hospital.I cant believe how fast time has flown since he was admitted last October.In all this time ESPA staff, who provide his care package ,still maintained daily contact and he had every weekend home.
He also had a full review of his medication.Although reduced gradually, he has now been taken off....Diazepam,Chlorpromazine and Orphenadrine.He is still on several others but greatly reduced.

We are looking at a discharge next Thursday and then staying within ESPA from the following week on a basis similar to the routines we have had in place these last 5 months.He has been assessed as 2/1 at all times with that increasing to 5/1 if/when an incident occurs.

He will be 41 yrs next month and still needs a rigid routine in place.

Tuesday.........attend college
Wednesday.....craft centre
Fri - Monday morn - family

Some of the daily activities...fitness,sensory ,art and craft,cookery,gardening,pottery,communication skills.

Evening activites include a choice of playing pool,going 10 pin bowling,relaxing or an activity of his choice.Not every night,that just an example of what choice he has.

Hopefully this is going to work as it is his last chance.We could not have got as far as we have without the ESPA team.Every member of staff from high Management positions to the support workers have bent over backwards to try arrange all this.The amount of time they have put in to this is unbelievable,some even given up their days off.

The Autism Unit at the hospital have been great too.Considering when Robert went there we were expecting communication to be a massive problem they all adapted so well.The Crisis team handled the whole situation with extreme sensitivity.

On a personal note I would also like to thank everyone here and other forums who have supported me through this.Your emails,messages and e cards were greatly appreciated.
A special thanks to Karen from Carersline who I spoke with twice over these last 12 months.The advice she gave was a great help.

I am too tired just now to do it but tomorrow/today will have a look at that Flick or photobucket and put a link here so you can all see my lil brother.Mind you at 6ft 2", he towers over a lil short ar*e like me... Image Image Image .

I have read over this before submitting it and possibly a little too much information but I decided against altering it.When Robert was born my mam and dad were told to take him home,feed him,clothe him and tend him but that he would never be able to do anything for himself.I decided to leave this as it is, so others going through a similar situation can see just how much of a life is possible.I wont pretend its been an easy road,anything but,and so many battles but it is possible.

Rosemary, it shows what can happen when everybody works together. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hope all goes smoothly on Thursday.
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