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Which disability do you treat.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
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well lisa,s gp sent out stoma nurse this afternoon and she has left the dressings that lisa would get if she had the ace procedure l have to put them on and see how she goes the gp is saying go for it as it is more comfortable thank giving her daily enemas stoma nurse was really nice but she is said that l was the only one to make this decsion but l think l will be going for it as this morning lisa wouldnt lie still for me to give her an enema l think this would be better the only down side is the picking of the actual ace site itself but l will try and work with her and put the dressings on daily and get her used to them we dont go back to consultant till 4th March got plenty of thinking time stoma nurse said she would arrange for her to visit hospital and see someone who has just had it done

just have to wait and see
hope all is well with everyone
take care
well the dressings are going well only thing now is lisa doesnt like having to take them off as the can stick a bit l just have to distract her and give it a pull that goes down well lol she had a really bad day today and its on days like these l know this procedure would be better for her and more dignified l think part of it is that l have to make the descision on my own as her Dad hasnt been in touch for months maybe lm looking for someone to blame if it doesnt work out the way l want it to l spoke to her gp at length the other day and she is really for it but it is my descision she said if it was my daughter l would go for it l havent said anything to lisa yet has even if l do decide it is too long away for her to remember and l would get it every day she would just keep sayiing l go doctors now 24/7 but l think l know what my final descision will be and that is yes go for it. Just thought l would let you know Charles the bubble wrap went down a treat now l just have to stop her eating it but she was doing this with the socks and pants and other items of clothing anyway they have it in our local pound shop so l got plenty in l have to hide it as we have set up a routine when she can have it or l would have to ask the shop to open 24/7 to keep her going

take care all
well the time is getting nearer and l have to make up my mind l have spoken at length with the stoma nurse and she doesnt think that lisa will cope with the Ace procedure as she would have to have cathetar put in stoma and then l would flush it out but she would have to sit on the loo for anything up to an hour and she doesnt think lisa will sit for that length of time and neither do l the only other option is actual stoma bag but this is a more permanent option the stoma nurse is going to come to hospital app with me and give her opinion based on what she has done with lisa over the last few weeks on a good spell l think she an just carry on like she is doing now but like this week which has been quite bad l change my mind again will keep to up to date with whats happening apart from that she is fine got new wheelchair still no ramp waiting for builders who are playing catchup
hope everyone else is well
take care all

Rosemary how is Robert doing hope he is well
well no big op as yet had hospital app yesterday and stoma nurse was there they are are going to try something else less invasive first cant remember name of it but it involves a balloon type procedure just to see how much feeling lisa has in her lower bowel as stoma nurse said the same as myself that it is going to be traumatic for Lisa so we have to be sure there is no other way and they have to find out where beelding is coming from Lisa was good yesterday it wasnt her own consultant which was a bit annoying as he did promise to be there and see this through with me other doctor didnt have a clue about lisa and he hadnt read all her notes so stoma nurse stepped in just as he was getting his instuments out and said you cant do this to her when she is a wake it will put her off for life so he had a read at her notes which kept us an extra 30mins but we will have to wait on word for her to go back in and we will take it from there l have asked that its her own surgeon that is there for this procedure we can enjoy lisa,s birthday now (today) the pressure is off slightly
take care all
Hi Jean

Wish Lisa a very happy birthday from us, hope you all have a wonderful day.

Paula & Tony xx
Thanks Paula and Tony for your birthday wishes for lisa she has been up half the night wanting to know if it was her birthday yet she has gone to her centre with a birthday cake that they will have to prize off her alll she keeps saying is no healthy eating today poor kid is craving for chocolate which she has not had for 6wks as l am trying to get her to lose weight
thanks again for your kind thought
Best wishes to Lisa from me too.Hope you all have a great day.

x x x
Happy birthday to Lisa from me too, I hope you all have a wonderful day (I hope there's still some cake left by the time Lisa gets to her day centre too Image .)

Hope Lisa had a great birthday - Michael's is on the same day! He had a good day until we sat near a baby in the restaurant...hope Lisa had her chocolate (one day won't hurt so it may as well be her birthday)!!
thanks for all your messages lisa had a great day chocolate by the bucketful and loads of pressies but a bit overwhelmed with it all still got birthday cake to eat she wont be overwhelmed by that

thanks again
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