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Which disability do you treat.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
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Hi Rosemary will try anything right now as it is driving me nuts all l hear is rip rip rip and l know its the equivlent of my money getting torn to shreds l will try one of these activity toys that sound like a good idea tried taking her for a walk today without wheelchair but l had to stop half way as she was to sore her knees are swollen again her hands must be killing her she uses them more to rip Lol
thanks for your ideas Rosemary will certainly give them a try
take care
I wish I was skilled with a needle Jean.I am sure it would be possible for someone to make an activity mat specific to Lisas needs much cheaper than what available in the shops.Though she may like the colours on them.
However,as I cannot even sew a button on Image ,that lets me out.

I wonder if any ladies ( or men,I cant be sexist after all Image ) here could advise if such a thing possible.

Just checked and quite a few stores sell the activity mats.

Also found these... http://tiny.cc/laces .
They seem a little expensive even for Ebay but maybe because they are to replace real laces and not be used as a sort of toy.
They be worth other members here looking at as description says useful for....

The elderly or physically challenged that find bending difficult or intricate hand movements impossible
Thanks for that Rosemary will have a look lisa is on the couch right now her legs are too sore for her to go anywhere so everything safe for a wee while (what a shame ) she is keeping me on my toes get me this and get me that she even had the cheek to ask for pants and socks l think she must get this urge to rip as when she was asking me her hands where all over the place and she said she said she really needed them maybe it destresses her must try it lol
speak to you soon
thanks again
take care
Jean, just a thought that may help - what is Lisa like with bubble wrap? It's reasonably cheap and gives off a satisfying pop/series of pops similar to ripping but without the mess. Quite a lot of carers I know find it soothing (!!). Not as long-lasting as velcro but it might divert her away from ripping, where velcro might support the habit more.
Thanks for that Charles will give it a go it sounds quite good

thanks again
We brought Robert home today for his usual weekend visit from the hospital.
The good news is that the Section 3 order under the Mental Health Act on him is no longer in place.Although a few weeks more in hospital needed for his medication changes, he is a normal in patient now.They started yesterday to gradually reduce his Diazepam too.

I have sat today and cant believe how the time has flown.When he was admitted there were so many tears shed,for the state he was in which required admittance but also due to the fear of the unknown.

A discharge date of 28th Jan been mentioned but not a definite.We have seen it through this far,another few weeks wont hurt.

Thank you all for your support both on forum and via pm's and emails.
Also to CarersLine who gave advice too.

x x x x x

Good news Rosemary - delighted to hear that Robert's doing so well now.
good news about Robert Rosemary glad things have went so well for you all and its good that all his meds are being reveiwed l know at the time you thought you would never get through it but l think we all get the strength from somewhere, Well we where back at hospital yesterday to see lisa,s consultant about her bowel and he wants to do an Ace procedure it is more simple than a colostomy as things are not getting any better her bowel keeps blocking no matter how much medication she gets and then if she gets too much it means she has no control over her bowel at all at the moment she has been having daily enemas but she is not happy getting it done and l know the ace procedure would be a lot better it is a lot less uncomfortable and she can sit on the loo when lm doing it for her l told him about her obsession off picking and that l was afraid of her picking the wound in the early stages but he said he could find a way round that his plans are do to it in March he has gicen me dressings home with me for lisa to wear and see how she copes with them they are all different kinds l can pick the one she finds hardest to pick its a hard decision to make but she is passing blood most days we will seee how she goes with dressings she wont have bag or anything it will just be an opening in her abdomen and l will put a cathetar in like l do for her bladder and give her a bowel wash alll sounds so simple doesnt it
sorry to ranted on but l am finding it hard to make a decision l have to make my mind up by middle of february

thanks all for listening
Jean,we are all here for you so talk away.

A doctor can describe a routine as simple but its the worries when you get home that you have to deal with.I had not heard of the Ace procedure and just been reading up on it.
Is there a specialist nurse attached on to the Drs clinic that you could maybe talk to a few times.

It sounds like just now you dont have much option but best to talk things over so you are more settled in your own mind.

Please use us as much as you feel necessary Jean,dont bottle stuff up.You know nearly always someone around.

I will give you a ring tomorrow sometime,too late now,might disturb Lisa.

x x x
75 posts