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Which disability do you treat.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
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Hi everyone,

Picked Robert up today to bring him home for the weekend.He looked great,all the tension gone from his face,the drawn look now replaced with smiles and dimples.
The autism unit seem to be coping really well and he has loved attending the activities they have in place.Still early days regarding his medication changes but so far so good.

All being well we can have him home right over Christmas and the New year.I cannot wait.
We spent this afternoon wrapping some of his pressies,well........ I did all the work.All he does is put his fingers on the pressie where the cellotape goes and removes finger when said cellotape is in place Image . My back was breaking.

Hope everyone is well.
x x
That is fantastic Rosemary Image Image
Merry Christmas!
I have just had a phone call discussing Roberts discharge.

All being well and if no incidents happen, we are looking at January 26th.
He will be home for the whole of Christmas and New year though.
His medication is still getting adjusted but they hope to have everything in place for that date.


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I'm so pleased for you Rosemary, I know how much you've missed Robert.

Paula xx
That's really good news Rosemary - hope things stay on course!
Hope things continue to improve and you have a wonderful festive season together

Take care
l know l have probably asked this before but here l am again Lisa my daughter has severe Autsim and she is constantlty ripping up her clothes seh had a long sleeved t-shirt on the other day within ten mins it had short sleeves we have no socks left in the drawer and no matter where l hide them she seems to find them ot was going to make something for her to tie as she does this as well everything she can get her hands on is tied up in knots l have to stand on steps to close blind as she has all the cords tied up social worker said not tot give her anything like that as it was just telling her it was ok to rip and tie but hey she is not in social worker,s house she sems to like the sound of ripping
anyone out there any ideas
the would be most grateful this is costing me a fortune
Take care all
Jean, Happy New Year to you! You could have a word with your GP about a referral to your local Learning Disability service - they may have a team of "outreach" nurses who can help to look at Lisa's behaviour and try to find a way to deal with it.

It does sound as though Lisa is uncomfortable with long sleeves though and that this - along with tying knots (learned at school as part of learning to tie laces, perhaps?) - has become an obsessive/compulsive behaviour which may not be possible to change.
thanks for your reply Charles l have an app with gp tomorrow for something different l will ask lisa even ties her hair in knots you would it had been snowing in my house with all the bits of thread lying around even the dog doesnt escape as she tries to tie his hair too l just got him cut really short to save him from her clutches
thanks again will let you know how l get on

And a happy new year to you as well Charles

Take care
Hi Jean,

Have you tried any of those learning toys that you can get for young children wherein they learn to tie laces etc and fasten things with velcro.They would make a ripping sound if that is what Lisa likes.You used to be able to get them like big mats with about 6-7 activities.I think they have zippers on them too.

Also what about craft stuff involving felt strips.Can be used time and time again.

Make your own craft box for her with all different types of string,knotted lengths of cord ( curtain tie-backs ) using different textures and lengths.

If any wallpaper shops near you, ask what they do with their old pattern books.You might end up with a mess from the ripped paper but hopefully she would leave her clothes alone for a while.

Not sure if any of the above any use to you so good luck

x x x
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