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Which disability do you treat. - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Which disability do you treat.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
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Wise words Jean.I think at times they cope better than us Image

I have just read this article

http://www.guardian.co.uk/family/story/ ... 47,00.html

This bit jumped out at me
she is admitted about twice a year, usually and inexplicably in April and November -
Hairs on my neck stood up as although Roberts incidents can happen at any time, we can usually expect some in those very same months.The only connection we could ever make was they were both short periods of time after the clocks had changed for GMT .
its funny you should say that Rosemary as l remember one of Lisa,s teachers comenting to us as a parent group that some of the children can change when there is a full moon in the sky and she wasnt having a laugh she said she had actually seen it happen it maybe the clocks changing as well as l notice it as the time of meds are out of sync as well
just a thought but there might be a lot to it
speak to you soon
take care

Thanks for the update on Robert, it must be such a relief to see how well he's settled in - I know how worried you were about him.

Hope Dad is feeling better soon.

Paula xx
Rosemary, it could just as easily be the time change as anything else. Because Robert's "body clock" will be out of synch with BST/GMT and it is harder to adjust as you get older.

As I've found this year. Image

Anyway - good to hear that Robert's doing well. Hope you'll be able to give us good news about your dad soon, too.
Another weekend over.All it feels like is that I am counting days/weeks till Robert comes home.

Since his medication was reduced further he never came home for the weekend.However I went to visit and took him in to Morpeth again for a few hours.He thoroughly enjoyed himself.His balance when walking was bad and occasionally I had to put a hand under his arm just to support him.Hes not keen on this though,does not like anyone getting in his 'space'.

The staff on the Autism unit have been brilliant and the eagerness from them to learn sign language means little by little the communication problem is getting smaller.

I will be away later today for that Leeds event,back home late tomorrow evening.Weird how it works out.Had Robert been home I could not have attended it even had I travelled same day.

Hope everyone is well.

x x x x
Glad to hear everything is still going well for Robert Rosemary hope it continues l know not been able to have him home will be tearing you apart at the moment but if its what is best for him l know thats easier said than done as well as l dont know what l would be like if it was Lisa.
Just hang on in there and the time will pass l know it must seem like forever

take care
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

Picked Robert up from the hospital yesterday and took him Xmas shopping.He is so excited you would think he was 4 years old not 40 yr old.
Well,lets just say we got his toothpaste ( his choice) to wrap up along with some new clothes and smellies.
He has been full of smiles this morning and cheeky monkey has been signing to go back to the hospital tomorrow ( Sunday ) instead of Monday morning.Mind you,the fact he is asking to go back is a bit of a relief as it shows he seems to have settled in there.When I think back to a few weeks ago and the tears shed over what was going to happen to him,I cant believe how things have turned out.
Still early days and another reduction in medication took place from last Monday.Fingers crossed we can now look forward.

Dad has been ok and due back for a check up in 2 weeks time.

Love to all
x x x
Good to hear that things are going well, Rosemary.
Thanks for the update Rosemary, I'm so glad Robert's doing well and your Dad's on the mend.

Paula xx
Glad to hear things are going a bit better for you. Hope you are having plenty of "YOU" time whilst you can..........you deserve it.

Take care
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