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Which disability do you treat.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
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Everything went ok today.

I have to say I was most impressed with Duty Soc Worker and Crisis Team.As distressing as this was for us all, especially Robert,they handled it with extreme sensitivity.ESPA staff accompanied us and give all their input too.They will be keeping daily contact with Robert Mon - Thurs and he will have his weekends with us.Support available 24/7 whilst hes at home too if needed.

I truly hope they can sort his medication out to stop any further incidents.The main thing I picked up on was, before we had even left home,the Duty soc worker was asking those present to get an exit/discharge plan in place as soon as possible.They do not want him in hospital any longer than is necessary.

One of the worst things was the building itself.Very clean,staff lovely but so stark.Long corridors with doors off.Tiny bedroom of his own,we took plenty pics and photographs to try make it feel like home.

I just feel so lost now,cant stop thinking about him but I know that I have to have faith that this is the best course of action for him.The fact that it was the only action possible does not make it any easier.

Once again you lot have been filling my email box today Image Image ,thanks ever so much.

x x x x x

I know today wasn't easy but it is the right thing for Robert right now - hopefully he'll treat it as a little adventure and the fact you're together at weekends will make it easier to bear.

Stay strong, you know we're all here for you.

Paula xx
Thats today gone ok.

2 support workers picked him up this morning to go to his farm work.It was hoying it down though so not much work done.He still enjoyed though.

I am going to pick him up in the morning for a weekend at home.He will return to the hospital after tea on Monday.

From Tuesday they are going to review his meds.

Nite all God Bless
x x x x x
Hopefully things will start to improve for everyone now.

Keep us posted, Rosemary.
Robert went back to the hospital yesterday.He stays on an Autism unit.
Last 2 days Espa staff have taken him out for the day as normal,still maintaining the routines he had in place before the incident.
He seems to be adjusting well,and so am I now.

Telling point is from tomorrow when they are expecting to be adjusting his medication.
Thx for all emails.Your support means a lot.

x x x x
Thanks for the update. That's good news Rosemary, glad it's going smoothly Image
Well,thats a full week over.

Had a meeting at home 1st thing yesterday morning which went well.As much as I feared the actual section order,Charles was right about how much it actually protects Roberts rights as well as ours.
Everything is geared up to getting him discharged as soon as possible.However, we are still looking at mid -January but he can come home for the whole of Christmas and New Year as long as no incidents between now and then.

Will keep you posted.

x x
Hi Rosemary,

Just to let you know you are in my thoughts at this difficult time. It sounds as if things may work out ok, like a recovering alcoholic I suppose you can only take a day at a time.

Take care
Hi everyone,

Well,thats another full week over.

Robert has been settling down nicely and although we thought communication was going to be the major problem he seems to be coping well in making any of his needs known.The staff have been brilliant and the contact between them and home is constant so as to put our minds at ease.
We had a bit of a worry yesterday as with dad having been taken into hospital last Monday and Roberts medication having been reduced on Tuesday gone, it was decided jointly that it was too much of a risk to have him home for the weekend on my own since hubby gone back to work.However,when I signed to Robert that he was not coming home,he took it in his stride.he is confusing us all just now.I would love to get inside his head for 5 mins just to see whats goes on in there.
I went yesterday and took him out for a few hours in Morpeth and I can only praise the people from there.The hospital has quite a few Autism units and some for long term mental health patients so the shop assistants must be used to them having visits in to the town.Each place I took Robert we were met with a genuine offer of help,nothing was a bother.

Dad was given 3 units of blood this week,put on oxygen for a few days and given water tablets to reduce his fluid retention but overall hes doing ok.Should be home Monday.
His hospital 20-25 mins in one direction,then I have to come back and go 40 mins to Roberts.Got more miles on my body clock than my car has on it Image Image Image .

Hope everyone is well.

x x x x
Glad to hear everything is going well with Robert Rosemary but sorry to hear about your dad hope he gets well soon l think getting in to their heads would be a real expereince for us all might surprise us as well as like Robert l think Lisa would certainly surprise me l think we tend not to give them credit for a lot of things l remember one of Lisa,s top doctors in Autism just said to me keep feeding her with information as you never know what she is taking in and its true she amazes me sometimes with what she says or does as no doubt Robert does with you and he seems to be coping with what you thought he never would

hope everything continues to go well and l wish your dad a speedy recovery
take care
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