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Update Autism Campaign - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Update Autism Campaign

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
it is a minefeild Charles like you said my brother has two daughters with spina bifida with the second one they where told everything was fine no probs at all and she is worst out of the two of them so nothing is a hundred percent l have been offered medication for lisa that l would not touch with a barge pole l tried one lot and all she done was sleep all day ye it would have made my life easier but hers would just have been a waste l think its a very personel thing and it does depend on how much the Autisitc person,s life is affected. and l suppose if l am being honest it is me who would want whatever was possible done my daughter does not know any better she is not even aware she has a disability
l could go on but like l said it is a personel thing and how badly each individual is affected

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_a ... 295065.ece

Tomorrow, the National Autistic Society launches the I Exist report highlighting the plight of adults with autism, revealing that: 61 per cent of adults with autism rely on their family financially 40 per cent live with their parents.

“We know that while services and support for children with autism are poor, the situation for adults is much worse,â€Â
Just got this....

Dear Rosemary

Autism also affects adults.
Most are isolated and ignored.
Think. Act. Transform lives.

I Exist is the message from adults with autism, who have been isolated and ignored for too long.
Two thirds of adults with autism do not have enough support to meet their needs.
One in three have experienced severe mental health difficulties because of a lack of support.
92% of parents are worried about their son or daughter’s future when they are no longer able to support them.
I Exist is the second phase of the think differently about autism campaign.
The campaign is your chance to persuade the government and local decision makers to make a difference in improving the lives of adults with autism, the majority of whom do not receive the support and services they need.
We are firstly calling on the Government to do more for adults with autism by increasing the work it does in relation to autism. We also urgently need the Government to fund a study to find out how many adults with autism live in the UK, Without this, many will fail to receive the services they need and remain isolated and ignored. Please send an email to your MP today asking them raise this, and the wider campaign demands with the Secretary of State for Health.

Click here to email your MP now

I Exist will launch in Wales and Scotland later this month and more information will follow shortly.
In the meantime, wherever you live in the UK you can find our more about the campaign and how you can get involved by visiting our new look website, www.think-differently.org.uk.
Thank you,

Benet Middleton
Director of Communications