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Things have gone too far, where can i get legal help. - Carers UK Forum

Things have gone too far, where can i get legal help.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hello, i have posted on here before about my autistic daughter and the lack of help she is getting by social services refusing to give her respite/foster care. Things have since got much worse and i now have a complaint form in my hand but need a professional person to help me make the complaint. Who can i ask.
In all this time my poor child still has hardly had any help at all. The last even was my poor child ran away from home again, she has been thrown out of school for keep running away.
The Police found my child wandering the streets at 11.30pm at night, brought her back to her home but she refused to come in.Due to a previous sexual abuse and the abuser living near oiur house she will not come home. My child was sitting outside my house in a police car whilst i tried negotiating with social services to provide urgent respite/foster care, 3 hours later these poor police officers where still sat outside my house, whilst social services kept insisting i find her somewhere to stay, if i could have done this i would have done. Social services decided they would get my daughter sectioned for the night, even though she was doing nothing wrong, but the Police officer refused to back this up as he said she was not displaying any mental illness, she was a child in need. At 3am they eventualy found my child a place.
The next morning i have all the frantic phone calls from social services saying ' what have you done' take her out of fostering now, we dont have the budget for her, she does not need this help. the even just turned up on our doorstep insisting we go get her, i refused saying she is safe where she is, she has said that if you force her to come home, she will either run away again or try her 6th suicide, they said to ignore the suicide it is attention seeking, and to let her run away as she will eventually get bored of this and give up. I am not prepared to do either of these. I quoted to them that i cannot keep my child safe at home becuase of what she is threatening to do, and i am not in control of her, and for these reasons they need to keep her safe.
They then said if i dont go and get her they are going me the daily rate for private fostering, they kept on and on bullying me until i was in tears, but i did not give in. They then came back to my hosue and put a letter through my door stating that as i am refusing to collect my child i am now classed as an a abusive parent, and my husband is also abusive to my child as he is refusing to answer his mobile phone to them, and i have this all in writing.
They then moved my child to another foster home on a temp basis, and we had to tell them we were going away, just to stop them hounding us. They have been ringing our home phone and mobiles constantly, then i was put on to a manager at social services who was down right rude to me and was telling me just how awful i was. In the mean time my poor child is waiting daily to see if they are going to pul her out of her foster home where she is very happy.
The next day i get more calls from social services, then i get a call from my child crying her eyes out saying she is on the run, apparently social services where on their way to take her home again, none of us knew what they were on about. They then rang me and said we are on our way round with her, and they kept saying i had agreed to have her home, my child went on to cut herself to pieces, but i still refused to take her back, and this is my childs wishes.
There are lots and lots of other things happend but not enought time to tell you. But this weekend we had to take my child down to a hospital in Brighton as we had the call to say her Grandad ( who is dying of cancer) was about to die, so we started to take her to see him, in this one hour space, social services rang my mobile and told me her foster placement has instantly finished, dont take her back there or they will call the police, i asked about all her clothes but they said they will sort them out on another date.!!!
With this my poor child jumped out the car and ran, we lost her in Brighton, we were absolutely terrified, it can be real rough down there. She never did get to see her Grandad.
After hours of searching she was found at night time, another social worker then finally arranged for her to go to another foster carer, who they said would be real strict with her. Once there my chld hated it, she ran away, the police brought her back and hurt her by restraining her, all these strangers and strange places really upset my child, i then got a photo of my child she had sent me, she was half way through hacking all of her hair off with a large pair of scissors, i was terrified she would now try suicide again, but socail services would not give me the phone number of the foster carer so i had to ring the emergency social services, but by the time they got through to the foster carer, my child was bald.
Again they would not find her anywhere else, so she ran away into the dark night into the country, she had no clothes, nothing because they had pulled her out of her previous foster placement so quickly and not bothered to send anything on. she desperately need ladies personal items. Eventualy they sent her back to the foster carer who had her in the first place, she is happy now, but look what they have done t her, her hair is awful.
WHO ON EARTH CAN COME AND HELP US, WHO CAN FILL IN THIS COMPLAINTS FORM AND GET OUR VOICES HEARD, WHO CAN HELP MY CHILD. There must be someone out there that can take this complaint forwrd for me, as tomorrow they are going to make my child leave this foster carer aain.
Can anyone help me.
Many Thanks
I don't know if your local carers group can help: http://www.carersnet.org.uk/actionforca ... ntact.html

Your local council website offers contacts for support with making complaints - just follow this link: http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/sccwebsite/s ... endocument

Just remember there is a tendency to blame the parent - it's much easier than dealing with the problem.
Oh willow (((hugs))) what a position for all of you!

Can you get advice from a lawyer regarding what can be done?

Here the first hour is free and I would definately advise at least for some info.

I'll say a wee prayer for you and your family.
marie x
Well today Monday, they have again pulled her out of the foster carer she is happy with, and are forcing her to go to the foster carer she dislikes. she has now run away, it is dark out there, raining, she is in danger because she will trust anyone. What do i do.

the foster carer she was with actually cried when she went, but social services obviously think this is the best thing to do, they are trying to force her to come home, but she will not whilst that evil man lives near us. My poor child does not know what way to turn, we are sitting here feeling sick praying the police find her.
Oh (((Willow))) my heart goes out to you.

I'm praying they have found her.

marie x
Hello Willow.

How are things today?