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The A word and awarding or not of PIP - Carers UK Forum

The A word and awarding or not of PIP

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
This is dear to my heart so I have started a petition. link at the end). PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WITH OTHERS. WE HAVE TO GET PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE TO ACT!

I wrote almost identical PIP forms for two claimants A, male, and B, female. BOTH have lifelong incurable autism, presenting with many identical impairments. BOTH were assessed at the SAME venue with the SAME company ATOS, within six weeks of each other.
Claimant A got PIP with 14 points.
Claimant B who got NO points also has additional documented neurological and sleep problems. ATOS reported claimant B's 'illness', no communication problems, no difficulty with engaging face to face or social interactions and no functional restriction on carrying out normal day-to-day activities. What do the GP, myself, an autism professional and psychiatric services know?

BUT WAIT. She has since been awarded "Access to Work" by the DWP for her 'supported permitted work' in recognition of her disability. On the website this is defined as 'a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities'. (Equality Act 2010.) Not cured then?
The DWP are paying a communicator as an interface between herself and other people because of her 'communication difficulties'. Not cured of her communication and interaction problems then?
Myself and the autism professional, whose reliability and qualifications were questioned by ATOS, gave the same evidence for that submission too. Do I and the autism professional know, or not?

I also helped write male claimant C's form, because he had recently been diagnosed.
He had NO assessment and was awarded PIP with 11 points. Am I getting better at the forms?

Oh and another thing. Only one of these claimants was in receipt of DLA. Can you guess which one? No prizes for working out it was claimant B with NO points. Cured of a lifelong disability?

Is this Consistent? Fair? No, of course not. Yes, though, according to my reply from the DWP. The 'reformed' system is much better than DLA. Oh silly me, it pays less money out so it must be better!

Please please sign my petition and share it with friends and family here, on other forums, by email and on facebook and twitter.
Thanks. We need your support. We would like to get it up to thousands not hundreds.
*Go to the link
https://www.change.org/p/department-for ... responsive
Hello Ann. Dreadful situation. Will signing the form be anonymous? Am rather wary of things these days. Life's thrown things at me that have made me cynical. Not of the forum, it's a lifeline
my grandson was diagnosed with autism at around 4yrs...after the progress he had made with milestones went backwards..after MMr jab when he was about 18-20 months he is nrly 25 / altho he has autism/ epilepsy/ and at the moment depression (money stopped continually) 2 appeals and 2 tribunals...i have made a new claim on his behalf when friends contacted me and said some of his facebook statement were alarming...and very dark....i was quite lucky to get him 2 a doc...and we got a sick note that said 'low moods' / i asked him 2 explain 2 doc the stuff he had told me (his nan)/carer) but he said he couldnt... the doc said 'talking therapies' / but there is an 8month waiting list on all these facilities../ i am concerned about his long term future./ and the fact at over 70 all this caring stuff..and trying 2 get things done for him..is proving 2 much for me... :( miss valerie
Tell me about it. Pip . My daughter was awarded 10 points for pip. It's wrong and I asked for a reconsideration and they still awarded her 10 points as they gave her no points for communication when she does have communication problems. Where do I go to get a professional to see that she has communication problems? My daughter has Aspergers. They awarded her 4 points for mobility yet they won't take into consideration that she has difficulty finding new places as a professional hasn't said she does. What the he'll do you do when you don't feel strong enough to seek help and also fight these people .