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College/ More problems

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
My oldest son attends City college one day a week for his last school year and will be studying Art full time next year, trying to cut a long story short but the basics are as well as HFA he suffers from severe anxiety and OCD. He has been the victim of bullying most of his school life and in his current school he has had to endure what is known as EBD children, these children are not disabled but have behaviour issues which excluded them from mainstream school. When we visited the college they assured us he would not endure anymore of the misery dished out by these feral kids as college does not have to take anyone and anti social behaviour is not tolerated. So today was his first day and lo and behold every EBD kid from his school for the past two years [meaning those who have left school] were in the college, they were hanging around outside the window of his classroom, smoking and jeering in at the disabled kids, my son tells me the teacher was pretending she couldn't see them.
Later on in the canteen they made a huge fuss when the disabled kids came in many who also have physical disabilities so easy to spot, they were shouting and pointing them out saying "Aww bless em, here they come, look at the state of them".
I am so angry yet again to have my son let down, looked at the college brochure again more closely and think I have found the course they are on, it's some kind of F.E. for dissaffected young people so yet another trendy name when EBD no longer applies, no doubt if I complain I will be told what mis understood souls they are but I still feel that the assurances I was given were a complete lie and now I have to deal with my genuinely disabled sons anxiety going through the roof Image
Is there another college in the area, Vicky?
Not one that does a decent Art course, thing is he really is a talented artist but he can't attend the School of Art because that is part of the university and he would have to have at least 2 A levels to attend and some GCSE's, because of his LD's he is nowhere near that, academically he is somewhere around 6-7 yrs old, less in some subjects.
City college have courses where he can attempt to improve his Numeracy and Literacy as it is important because the better Art courses will require lots of written work, not just a case of being able to produce good Art work. So on the face of it City College is the obvious place for him but not if he is going to be tormented and regress back to severe anxiety, voices in his head, OCD etc.
My son is having problems this year at college. he is on a mainstream IT course and is having no problems keeping up with the work. However, he is finding it hard fitting in with the others in his group and finding the social side of college life difficult.
My advice is to speak to your son's connexions worker and tell her the problems that he is facing. My connexions worker has helped me immensely. She put me in touch with someone who was able to put my son on a social skills course which he goes to once a week. It's early days yet, but at least he's now on the right track! I would never have thought to contact his connexions worker in the first place, but I'm glad I did Image
Hi Vicky,

this seems to be a common problem - colleges promising all sorts to students with special needs and then not delivering.

Do the EBD students attend fulltime too?

S had trouble at school because of EBD pupils. His school started to take them in later years to boost numbers and their behaviour caused him lots of anxiety.

I think involving connexions is a good suggestion. This can't only be an issue for your son, but disturbing to the other young people with special needs. Might be time for "parent power," too.

We have had similar problems, currently have connexions and camhs involved.
Just an update on this, son has now joined the disabled class, not ideal, but he's more comfortable and I think starting to learn things.
Many of the EBD kids have dropped out altogether, so that helps as well, just holding our breath that he will be able to cross over to mainstream Art class after one more year.
Does anyone know what the situation is regarding funding/costs when a young person is 18 and in college in a mainstream class?
Hi Vicky, does your son have a Connexions worker? They should be able to advise on this.