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Supported living for adult with ASD & ADHD - Carers UK Forum

Supported living for adult with ASD & ADHD

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hello, I am new to the forum. I care for my adult son age 26 who has ASD & ADHD and lives with me. I would like to know how/where I can find information on supported/independent living for him. How easy or difficult is it to organise? Are there long waiting lists? Is it expensive? We currently live in rural Wales but are considering a move to a city in England with a better infrastructure etc. Thank you.
My son moved into SL a few years ago, against my wishes, as i was recovering from cancer surgery. He had been living in a residential home, which was lovely, but then the management changed and it was a nightmare. if you are moving from Wales to England, that might create additional hurdles!
Start by arranging for your son to have an updated Needs Assessment, looking at the help he would need if you were not providing any care at all.
Hi Jane,

welcome to the forum.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have a produced a booklet about how to get a house https://www.challengingbehaviour.org.uk ... t-a-house/
I'm not suggesting your son has challenging behaviour, just that this is useful resource.

You might also find this interesting: https://www.changingourlives.org/Blogs/ ... ifestories

As well as BB, several of other of our members have adult children in different sorts of independent/supported/residential living/care. Hopefully they will be along to offer advice.

Hi Jane

My son is 37, and he's severely autistic although he can speak and certainly knows what he wants. He has been in supported living for almost 12 years. He loves it. He gets to choose what he does and to plan his meals and activities, and has a lot of say in his life that he could never achieve in a care home. Yes, there are sometimes issues over staff not "getting" him, or understanding what we're trying to achieve, but mostly it works. The key is getting the right agency involved, ideally, and that needs a good "fit" between you and them - an agency that works well with one family may not work at all well for someone else.

I won't go into how we did it because in 12 years a lot has changed, and much also depends on your local area. The link Melly1 has posted is excellent, though.

Your problem is that you need to decide where you'll live first - because that will dictate what is available. The other potentially tricky bit is that if you move from Wales into England, the chances are that your Welsh social services will carry responsibility for your son's placement in the area you move to - at least for a year, possibly longer - if your son is receiving services now. It's also my understanding that the local social services would also be involved. And I'm not sure how that would work across nations, as it's way outside my experience!
Thank you so much for the replies and links. I didn't even know about Needs Assessments. I don't have any contact with or help from care agencies. My son won't leave the house so we don't see anyone. As his 'appointee' I do the necessary paperwork and sort out what I can over the phone. I'll arrange a Needs Assessment and see where that takes me.