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Supported living for 17 year old - Carers UK Forum

Supported living for 17 year old

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.

My 17 year old son is currently in a CAMHS unit because his mental health broke down in July. He is now sufficiently recovered for discharge to be considered. However, he has nowhere to go. He cannot return home due to child protection issues. A panel meets today to discuss funding and I think,after this, potential providers may be approached.

I want my son to have a safe, supportive placement that will enable him to develop and progress as a young person. However, I know social services have many budget restrictions and may try to press for the most economical and convenient placement.

Has anyone any ideas how I can help my son get the provision he needs?
Hi Janet,

I'm hoping others will be along with advice but in the meantime, have you contacted Mind for advice? The other thing to consider is assisted lodgings. Ex foster children often use assisted lodgings to learn the necessary skills to live independently. Also, Shared Lives offer a similiar service and increasingly are supporting those with MH problems.

Melly 1

Thank you. I have approached Shared Lives and a representative has talked to me and to my social worker. The representative should be contacting me soon to arrange to see my son. I feel very positive about the provision S.L. may be able to offer ( a placement with a family in our local area, who have the knowledge and experience to support my son), but the social worker was quite clear that the provision may be 'too expensive' for social care to fund.

My son has been subject to two Child Protection Plans, Sectioned under the Mental Health Act (he is now a voluntary patient) and, despite his intelligence, he was unable to complete his education beyond Year 9 at school. He is a gentle, caring but extremely vulnerable young man who, in my opinion, needs the closeness and protection that a family type environment could offer. Unfortunately, our family situation is challenging and I cannot provide him with an environment which will keep him safe (his younger brother has serious behavioural issues). In my opinion, my eldest son's needs should be prioritised irrespective of funding issues, but how can I get this across to social services?
Hi Janet,
Just on my way to work. Will respond properly this eve. But just to say, not many social workers know much about Shared Lives. It is very cheap for local authorities due to the way it is funded, so don't despair.

Hi Janet,
I have PM'd you.

Have yu tried I get him into Farleigh College at Frome?

They specialise in Aspergers Syndrome and they help people get to University
So much depends on his academic ability. My brain damaged son went to Fairfield Opportunity Farm at Dilton Marsh, near Warminster. He lived in a shared cottage and was expected to be fairly independent. I'd suggest that this sort of shared living experience combined with education might be more appropriate for a 17 year old, but would be more expensive for the LA. I think if you googled something like "independent colleges" you will find the sort of thing I'm talking about. I just can't remember the full name of the site with full details right now.
At his age, I'd concentrate on ensuring his educational needs are catered for, because he should be entitled to education until he is 25, but may need this to be provided in a more sheltered environment?